STEEM CRYPTO CHALLENGE #5: I LOVE BITCOIN - Questions and Answers #3


Hello steemit yesterday I gave 2 reasons why I love bitcoin which are:

How has Bitcoin changed your life.
How you invest in Bitcoin and your experience with trading it.

Today we continue with two more questions concerning bitcoin.

1).The history of Bitcoin so far, and what the future holds for it.
Well the history of Bitcoin has been filled with more ups than downs because it just keep proving the haters wrong by showing what crypto can really do as a currency and as for the future of Bitcoin, I just see only more ups because I believe it's Bitcoin that will change the Blockchain forever and also how companies regard it because it will surely be a Global Trend by the time it reaches the greatest height which I strongly believe because even in this pandemic it is still showing it's quality by increasing in price and value which is just mind blowing to me.


Will Bitcoin always be the dominant cryptocurrency?
That question makes me laugh because obviously yes I mean where is ethereum compare to Bitcoin have you seen the price gap it is insane and Bitcoin keeps going up while ethereum can't even pass 400 USD to show you that Bitcoin is not Ethereum mate in the Cryptocurrency blockchain, to me Bitcoin will be the only dominant cryptocurrency in this century maybe next century before you see another but Bitcoin will be dominated in the next century because there is no crptocurrency that can match it's price or even go ahead of it I can remember back in 2015 when I head about Bitcoin vs Ethereum but 2016 came and Bitcoin was still highest 2017 came Bitcoin still highest no change 2018 came ethereum tried but failed and bitcoin still remain the highest then 2019 came nobody was sure what was going to happen but before 2019 finished Bitcoin took off going to high now in 2020 it is still going higher even in a pandemic so after all this years I have concluded that Bitcoin is the only dominant cryptocurrency in this century so unless ethereum does something miraculous that will put it in the history books but in next century I don't even think ethereum will be the highest there is another cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Binance coin then maybe Chainlink I am just guessing right now but my children unborn will confirm it because I will be dead before 3000 for sure unless there is a life extension device in the future 😂.


That is all for today see you guys tomorrow for the final post on this challenge of I love bitcoin because Halloween is all about bitcoin and tomorrow is the dead line day so I will meet you guys tomorrow so still about Bitcoin I will advise you to get some satoshi because it will increase higher before this year ends so get some OK well this is it for today.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) will be 14,500.81 USD

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ethereum is far behind the bitcoin. From your idea i come know about the real picture and history of Bitcoin. Thanks


Your welcome