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Hello beautiful family. Hope you all are doing awesome today. I say happy weekend to everyone. Talking about being responsible and making things happen In all aspects of life and wherever you find yourself be it at home, worship centers, workplace and so on. There are sometimes that some things need to be gotten done and people expect someone else to take the lead and be in charge.

I'll like to encourage you to strife to always take it upon yourself to be responsible for yourself and always take the lead when things should be done right and
be responsible for others.

For example, at an ATM queue where people are lamenting over not getting money or network jam or the like, there are people who are born thugs and don't care is the scatter the place and destroy things for the bank owners and workers to do something but as you are there, before these thugs take the lead, always show responsibility and be sure to curb the situation of things for chaos not to occur where you are. It is for your own good and for the safety of others too.

Do not you are not the only one there, do not say someone else will do that. It is sure our duty and responsibility to make things happen and work right around us wherever we find ourselves.

We all should learn to be as bold as lions whether you are a man or woman, male or female, boy or girl and do not shy away from whatever comes our way. Remember God has not given us the spirit of fear, He has given unto us, the spirit of power, the spirit of love and of sound mind.

Thanks so much for reading
I remain my humble self @Oredebby


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One of the things we have to keep in mind is to be responsible for our actions, that should be our best letter of introduction, knowing that my rights end where the rights of others begin is a sign of maturity and responsibility.

Nobody will be well enough responsible for your success if you are not responsible for yourself. Just as you say we must strive to take responsibility

Generally, the people who destroy things are those who do not have a job, people who are idle and who do not occupy their minds in something productive.

So I think that's where the work of educating others comes in, motivating them to have a positive mind and to find innovative opportunities for innovative problems.

It takes a lot of patience and being very educated to be able to make these people understand another way of seeing life.

And I very much agree with you, it depends on us the way we do things and the attitude we assume to what happens to us.

The first thing we should be known for is our responsibility, that speaks very well of a person, responsibility gives confidence and that attracts many people.

Greetings and thank you for sharing this reflection.

Hello @oredebby
One's own responsibility must always prevail and be assumed when abusive situations occur, always with caution but always doing what is right.
Great reading.
Have a great day! and Happy Valentine's Day.

The example that you give is a very strong one, we need to let people understand what our stands are and we have to be known for what is good and not otherwise