Setting Your Scale Of Preference Right

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Good day everyone. Hope you all are doing awesome today. Now, people, almost everyone has ambitions that they desire to achieve in life.

First of all, we all should know two different people cannot achieve success the same way but can achieve together in different ways. Lots of people do not understand that people cannot be copied but no, they they try to do what others are doing which is very wrong. Really, a lot of people always follow the multitude to achieve their goals.

We also should realize that our destinations in life are different. So don't try to copy others but be yourself. We should note that money cannot and will never be enough for anything. It is for us to just strife to be responsible and then we will just find out that all things are working right in line.

For example, If it's school you want to go to, do it and if it is business you want to venture into, please do it and be focused. People are different, Even twins differ from each other so, always set your own priorities for yourself and know your scale of preference right in your own way.

Please set your priorities right and don't bring what is supposed to come last the top of your list. Another thing is that you should be contented with whatever you have and don't try to be another man.

Thanks so much for reading...
I remain @Oredebby


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I must say, having a scale of preference will make us more focused and helps us to prioritize our activities and know which one comes first.
Nice piece Debby

It is always a necessity to set ones priority and set them right. By doing so it will help in achieving important things more in life

It is very true in life we ​​must have an organization and planning, I believe that it is also necessary that we do a little research on the entrepreneurship to which we are going to dedicate to be able to have knowledge and perhaps follow the example of who are experts in the subject to which we are going to dedicate ourselves, It is always important to learn from those who have already traveled the path that we are walking.

As each person is different, we have the opportunity to learn from the successes or failures that others have had and this helps us to do things better.

Hello @oredebby
Certainly, we are all different and with diverse points of view, the experiences of others can, among other things, help you to avoid making some mistakes or situations.
As you say in your publication, each person's environment is different and should be treated individually.
Best regards.

Yeah, setting preference is very important and doing something because we want to do it and not because someone else is doing it adds great benefits.

Certainly we are all different and have different capabilities and attitudes, so our preference, business or profession, depends on each person, the truth is that whatever the choice is, it is necessary to organize ourselves and strive to achieve the goal, for which we need a proper and fair planning.

A scale of preference will assist us in getting tasks done faster and most importantly appropriately rather than just doing things in a scattered manner, we get to pick one thing at a time and get to the next one according to how it has been set.