How to focus on assigned task from the comfort of your home.

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The fact that we have to work from home is becoming more glaring by the day, more companies now realize that workers can perform duties from home conveniently but for some people who are completely new to the idea of working from home, they are finding it extremely difficult to concentrate and work well from the comfort of their homes but with the hope that the pandemic will go away very soon and we will have our life back normally , a lot of workers have been trying very hard to concentrate as they bear in mind that the pandemic will disappear real soon, discouragement is however getting into the picture by the day when the pandemic refuses to go away and they are finding it more distracting to concentrate on their jobs.


Game lovers will understand how important every second is, they have to prioritize every of this second if they will achieve the crown of winning the game, every minute of having our gaze away from the screen will result in the opponent winning, now as serious as you have to focus your complete attention on that game in order not to lose, that is the same way you have to focus your energy on getting your job done. A task or an assignment requires complete concentration and you need to completely focus your energy on meting up with the assignments at work that is if you still want to keep your job.


My point is that: if you can focus on a game at home and cut off every distraction because you want to come out victorious in the game, then you can also place that exact type of attention on the required job at your front and make sure that you come out successful.

If we have to work from home successfully, we first need to learn how to set plans for the day, after the plan is set then we begin to break those large task into several little task taking into consideration how important every second or minute is. Look at the things that appear distracting to you and try your best to stay away from those things.

The idea of working from home is even more demanding for parents, you just have to look for a way to keep your kids busy and it is not bad if you explain to them that you have to work in order to avoid hunger in the home, they might just get that understanding and decide not to distract you while you work.

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As a single person I really pity parents who have to work from home it is an extra demanding task but a nanny can be gotten to help keep the work easier.


Yes a nanny could be gotten to attend to the little kids while the parents are at a section designated for work, thanks for reading.

Placing necessary focus and attention on any task is going to give us great result. It may be difficult but paying rapt attention during the periods set aside for work will help us become more productive.


Productivity entails that we give proper attention, thanks for reading.

I understand that many times it is not easy, I work from home and honestly it has been a little difficult to adapt, everything is in eliminating all those factors that distract us, perhaps make a list and be aware that things that keep us from productivity is the best. In my case being in bed is very tempting for that reason I must stay as far away from it as possible hehehe so as not to distract my attention. I think it's a matter of organization and determination.


I get your point, you can create a work space far away from the bed, thanks for reading.

Hello @papa-memsa, a good point that you addressed in the publication, like being able to concentrate on work from home, I am a father and it is difficult to concentrate on some tasks when your young children require your attention, As you say it is necessary to entertain them in some tasks or productive games, in the same way we must carry out an agenda that allows us to plan the daily tasks, placing them by priorities. We never stop managing our time even if we are at home, so long friend.


That is great to know thanks for reading.