The effect of covid-19 on humanity.

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The negative impact of covid-19.

Covid-19 was not a pandemic that affected a certain state or region it literarily shook the entire world. Some civilized nations were able to provide relief funds for their citizens but for some of us who come from some low countries, our leaders utilized the opportunity to even embezzle money and some people had to stay in their homes to die of hunger.

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Some young girls having no other means of survival, had to give themselves willingly to men whom they do not like for sexual pleasure so they could get their daily bread. Some young men who had initially moved to the city had to get back to the farm as this will allow them get something to eat.

The lessons that covid-19 brought to the table.

Majority of us has had our eyes opened to the things we do not need and the things that are basically necessary, staying at home for months without visiting friends or hanging out with the boys has made us understand the things we can do without, it has provided room for better understanding of necessities. The national economy has not been left out of this ugly blow of this pandemic, the value of everything keeps dropping and the value of investment continues to decline thereby making people lose out of the profit they should have made.

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As much as the difficulties that arose from covid-19, there are some life lessons that have been learnt, beyond the conflict, the issues and difficulties the pandemic has shown us that there is more to life than conflict. Irrespective of the race, the colour and everything we are all humans, it is surprising that this pandemic did not just affect the black race or the white race no one was singled out by the heat. Rather than the war and segregation, we should all consider ourselves as humans and love each other that way.

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This pandemic brought tears to the faces of lovely families as lives were lost and the most painful part is that during their time of sickness the family members were not able to stay with loved ones and show love to them it was the most difficult type of death you can imagine and I think this should teach us that we have to always value our relationships, there is no prefect time to show love to your loved ones than this moment, we live in a world of uncertainty and covid-19 has made it even more clear to us that anything may happen to anyone at any point so the time to show and tell your loved ones how you really feel about them is now.

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human rights doesn't exist anymore in the world since march 2020 full stop

With the way the covid-19 has affected humanity negatively, I just hope the world of humanity recover from it soon


I really hope so too, it has caused a lot of negative effect.


I really hope so
Too, it has caused a lot of
Negative effect.

                 - papa-mensa

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

This pandemic has made a lot of family begin to spend time with each other unlike before when everyone was just bothered about going to work and making money,health is now more priotized.


Very correct thank you for reading.

The covid came to sweep away many things, starting with lives, it is difficult all the realities that have had to be lived, I do not want to imagine having to lose a loved one and not even be able to embrace him, it must be really difficult. On the other hand there is the increase in poverty, unemployment, violence and crime, especially in Latin American countries. And governments are not really interested, they just want to line their pockets with money.


A sad reality has surfaced from the pandemic thank you for reading.

this virus has made us more human, let's be supportive and it has reminded us how fragile we are It is also a wake-up call for us to take care of the planet and let's pay attention to our mental health and relationships with the others.


Very well friend thank you for reading.