Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

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Several days ago we've written an announcement about creating an internal anti-plagiarism department within our PH community. With @gbenga being in charge of it and myself together with @juanmolina supporting his work and efforts.

If you, dear readers, have not read that publication yet, then please spare a few minutes and open that link and read it CAREFULLY.

Unfortunatelly, it seem that this issue has been haunting us recently and a few users posting within our community were not careful enough and did plagiarize someones elses work AGAIN. At the same time enjoying some financial benefits (author rewards). This act has got to stop effective immediately!

This attracted unwanted attention of a few users (@hivewatcher, @jaguar.force), who took on their shoulders the responsibility of fighting with plagiarism. Those who have dealt with these particular users should know already, that it may be a very unpleasent and hostile experience. Therfore it's best to avoid it at all cost.



I've wrote it once, however I would like to repeat it again:

This is very important for every member of our community to be educated and fully aware, that we cannot support content which is considered "stolen". Setting up a link to a source (original post) doesn't really change much in my opinion. Especially if content is simply copied + pasted.

In that case rejecting payout is a MUST.

In case any of you would commit such an action and would get caught, PH will not be punishing and pursuing such a user. You won't receive downvote. However, if a similar situation will repeat itself, then our support with come to a COMPLETE STOP.

Obviously, we may consider giving "another chance" to such a user, based on his/hers performance and level of engagement within the community. I believe that there may be some users, who are worth fighting for and educating.

Our goal is to educate people, not to punish them.



I would greatly appreciate it if each and every one of you would consider uploading this banner at the bottom of your post:


My line of thinking is simple - if we put extra focus on that particular topic and we underline how important it is to stay away from plagiarism, then we will most likely succesfully educate all our members and limit similar situations from happening again.

I also strongly believe, that noone will be "brave enough" to use this banner while knowing that published content is actually stolen (or re-worded) and ownership of such a content belongs to someone else.

That would be a deliberate lie.



Before JUNE is over - I would love to succesfully educate everyone within our community on this topic. It does cost me time and energy to deal with this issue. Not to mention unnecessary stress of dealing with those 2 users mentioned above.

So please, take it seriously, avoid plagiarism and post-spinning and use that banner in your future publications.



I would appreciate each resteem, since it will help us reach most PH members.
Also please drop a short comment confirming reading this post.

Yours, @crypto.piotr
@project.hope founder,

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Dear members


I would appreciate each one of you read this publication carefully. I really hope you won't mind investing few minutes. It's important topic.

Few guys within our community plagiarized lately and it brought some unwanted attention to PH. So I would need to ensure that we're all working together towards same goal. And this goal is to ensure that all our content is OURS.

Unique and original.

Yours, Piotr


Quick question since I am still learning. I own 3 websites which I occasionally pass/or edit content from them onto here. Am I good on the plagiarism thing? - as long as I state that I own said websites? Thanks.


based on my knowledge, not at all @openmindedtravel - after all you're the owner of created content


Hi! @crypto.piotr, @project.hope,

I'm reaching to you to inform that now the Latino Community have a Witness Node (@cotina)

I'm here to build stronger relationships like the community manager there!! Hope you are doing well;)

Best regards, @alejos7ven.


I feel very strongly about this topic a community is only as good as its members so one needs to be extra careful about maintaining originality of our content.
Resteem done and the banner posted on my steemit post

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Plagiarism is a widespread evil. We must stop it as far as possible. However, care should be taken while declaring something plagiarism as some topics have definite set of language, sentence structure and phrases, otherwise some genuine content may be declared as plagiarism. The concerned person should be given a chance to represent before taking any action against him/her.


@crypto.piotr. plagiarism is bad and should be avoided. It takes resources to create content. Stealing it is bad too, which is what plagiarism is. Hope the perpetrators should desist from such acts.


A nofollow hyperlink is a hyperlink that incorporates a rel=”nofollow” characteristic in its HTML code. This characteristic tells serps not to bypass authority from the linking web page to the vacation spot page. As such, noffollow hyperlinks have very little cost from the search engine optimization point of view. Difference between dofollow and nofollow links


I made a post in this community which am part of, but did not get any vote. I would love to know if there are any rules and regulations I have to follow to get votes.

Oh nice to know there's something like this.

Thank you for sharing such important information 👍

Understood the best thing is to abstain from plagiarizing as much as we can.

Noted and thanks for being such a meticulous housekeeper, your efforts are appreciated.

Agree. Stop rewards to bandits.


Good to have you back @luiscalzadilla :))

I am returning with a new personal project that I had been managing for a few months

I will gladly learn more about project you're managing :)

Cyu soon buddy

I am new but I am learning very fast,the guide and regular update I find here keeps me on track.

Please go and look at my latest post and give a reply verdict here in this reply with your answer and why you came to your decision - Just click my green @super-grand-ad to get to my latest post. Please Do not up vote or down vote my post with out answering me first. the post and links are all my own work and I own all video channels.

I shared this post.
I know there are plagiarism-detecting robots on the Internet but I can't remember the names. A possible solution, checking all posts first automatically.

(I hope I can still use my older post content in new posts.)


Cheetah was a bot here on Steemit which would comment on posts. I noted it would tag writing I did on my personal website and my Steemit page, as well as sources like Wilkapedia.

Plagiarism is definitely an action that should be valued. In my opinion, those who carefully verify it should classify the intent of the plagiarist and assign the penalty accordingly. Sometimes there is no bad intention and other times they are very declared. I understand the position and I believe that the wise decisions for each case are obvious.

I'm both a teacher and a journalist... It's very possible that my posts contain large quotes copied from other sources... That's one property of open-source community... People can copy code fragments, improve them and then post the final code to educate users.

Just recently I posted on my personal blog about how to draw QR codes using Linux and Windows... That article contained simplified C++ code created a long time ago by team member of another cryptocurrency... That team member couldn't get his code to compile, so I fixed the code.

Read and fully noted.

Thank you for bringing this up @crypto.piotr.
Plagiarism is not accepted anywhere, especially when one is trying to make earnings with it.
That being said, posts are easily written when you are writing from personal experience. However, I will advice everyone to do a thorough research when writing about a topic that is not from personal experience. When you do a research and fully understand what you're writing about, you can easily write in your own words, instead of spinning someone else's words, or copying and pasting verbatim.

First of all, I want to say that I felt the emotionality with which Piotr wrote this post. This reflects how truly concerned he is about this situation.

I will give a couple of tips to our content creators:

We will always need to consult a bibliographic source, lean on previous articles, so we can "quote" part of these articles that serve as support for our own writing.
When we use the "quotes" we must indicate the origin.

Once we have done this, then we could interpret in our own words, and develop our personal idea, shape our thoughts.

In my opinion, that type of personalized writing has a lot of value.

To finish, I want us to reflect on what Piotr tells us in this announcement:

Our goal is to educate people, not to punish them

It has always been Piotr's philosophy to "educate". From the first day when the creation of Project Hope was devised, the idea was to "educate a group of users".
As you can see, this philosophy is still intact.

Currently, our community is capturing the attention of many users within both platforms (Steemit / Hive).
Our number of subscribers and active posters is increasing. Perhaps for this reason certain "Authorities" within the platforms are more attentive to our activities. This commits us even more to taking care of the correct use of our upvotes, especially in the sense of not supporting plagiarism.

I have always said that the "Community" is made up of all of us and we must be guarantors of its correct functioning, each of us can contribute to achieving this goal. Let's start by taking care of our own content, this will impact the proper functioning of our entire ecosystem.

It's really sad to hear about Project Hope members engaging in plagiarism and post spinning again after the team took their time to explain the implications of such act and it was also added to the pin post of the community group! This is really a very bad act or is it that some people I hiding under project hope community to commit this illegal action? Because I don't really understand what's really going on ☹️

In case any of you would commit such an action and would get caught, PH will not be punishing and pursuing such a user. You won't receive downvote. However, if a similar situation will repeat itself, then our support with come to a COMPLETE STOP.

We don't want such users here. They shouldn't think of using Project Hope as their shield to commit such act. Such people should not make use of Project Hope community if that's what he or she intends to do.

I'll suggest that every member of project hope should start fishing out these set of plagiarist or anyone found guilty of such offense should be reported to @project.hope discod channel community group.

The fact is that it's not always okay to do for others what you can't do for yourself! How will you feel if someone starts your content to earn for their personal gain. This is a very bad act and it should be avoided. There are some people who lost their jobs due their habit of plagiarism (this happens in school environment).

Please let's make Project Hope community free from plagiarism because the lack of plagiarism in the community has really helped us grow a lot and we won't allow plagiarist to disturb our great community.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

Hello PH guys!It Deeply saddened me that people are resulting to post spinning/ copy/pasting someone else's work. This needed to stop.

Friend @crypto.piotr

This has been necessary for a long time, I am very comfortable with this decision, you have my support.

This is noted, i as a person will do my best to make sure i write posts that aren't plagiarized.

Plagiarism might be the WORST enemy for all content creators.
Going to this far point in fighting it, indicates a serious and wise leadership of PH community
You have my full support
Upvoted & Resteemed
Thank you for your hard work ;)

Plagiarism is not just an attack on the community's reputation, it is also an attack on intellectual property.

'Plagiarism? Copyright? Bah! in these days of ubiquitous and fast broadband access to internet by everyone, those obsolete concepts of 'intangible' digital ownership are just a stupid capitalistic mirage simply because money is involved. Otherwise, if money wasn't involved, I bet everyone and their pets rather would feel flattered and honored if (again), 'everyone and their pets' shares & spreads their 'original' crap everywhere around way beyond 'original authors' reach to gain more traction on their authorship and 'Pieces Of Art'.

Just my 2 cents about this tiresome subject. Yeah! obviously as a 'controversial' Food For Thought to ponder further into and drill deeper in your forehead asap.

Cheers!! :)

Resteemed, yes plagiarism is a real threat for our community.

Resteem done👍 because I totally share your fight against plagiarism. I'm sure our community will understand the importance of sharing original content. A good idea is that of the banner I think will discourage people to copy.

Thanks for the reminder.

We should always endeavour to shun plagiarism and stay original and creative

Let me know if I can put my masters degree to work and help sniff out plagiarism.
I helped Sportshub with this task in dual duties as the Sports curator.
Don't want to ruin the flow you have going.

I think it's sad that @crypto.piotr has to spend so much time and energy on this subject.

Would you take the apples form your neighbours garden and sell them? No you wouldn't do that. It's the same for content. Don't take content from anybody and let is seem that it is your own.

I think that even if you refuse a payout it's not ok to use content of others. Just don't do it!

When you publish content that is not your own you shed a negative light on yourself, on the community and also on the blockchain itself!

A good tip, if you don't know what to write, write about yourself, what you think, in what you believe. This is much more interesting than copy paste articles about a certain abstract technical subject.

It is very important every fight against plagiarism, plagiarism is an evil that for nothing can be supported, so I strongly support any decision taken by @cripto.piotr and the project hope community team in favor of the fight against plagiarism.

It is important that we as users are examples of honesty within this work so that the community is not linked to this evil called plagiarism.

Read and understood. I always use my anti plagiarism link in each of my posts.

I agree on that we need teach people and educate how to create original content.

Confirmed reading and resteem

I agree and understand the vice of plagiarism. This caution is very well noted. I pledge to always keep myself in a clear and blameless path of creating original content in the PH community.

Thanks so much for the information.

Many of you will have heard the words I am about to say several times before BUT I make no apology for saying them again as they are immensely important!

People should always write about what they know, about their own unique area of expertise or about their own life. This way there will never be any need to fill out a post with plagiarised/stolen content.

I understand that using the word stolen is very emotive, sometimes it is more like they wrote something whilst relying too heavily on a research source.

There should never ever be use of the excuse...

"I couldn't think of something to write about."

That is not a legitimate or acceptable answer. If you always write about what you know, experiences you have had or the life you lead this answer will never cross the lips. If that answer IS forthcoming, then perhaps that person has no business writing content or calling themselves a blogger, simple, right?

If blockchain blogs are ever going to achieve mainstream recognition and mass adoption they must be seen to be engaging places that harness original, quality posts that people searching for information, entertainment or interesting content are happy to visit

That is my opinion. Now I wish you all a great day an even better week to follow. Now get out there and create some mind-blowing original content that you are proud to place in a public forum for the whole world to read.

I look forward to reading it 😎


Late thank you for your amazing comment @stevenwood

As long as it doesn't degenerate like the Steemcleaners who destroyed tens of thousands of accounts, that's ok. We should take into account that new users come from other social networks and there are posts that are shared and repeated over and over again the rule (go viral). Plagiarism is a work where someone claims to be the author and it is not. We have to punish that. If I refer to another work with the source, it is not a plagiarism. I hate people who want to put themselves above others !!

It is justified to suspect real violations. This must not lead to regulations. Whoever intends to do so makes himself a judge without the right to do so.


Dear @seo-boss

Thanks for dropping by I'm sorry for such late reply. Somehow I've missed your comment

As long as it doesn't degenerate like the Steemcleaners who destroyed tens of thousands of accounts

Indeed. My goal is to educate people, and support those who are creating original content. I do not intend to be a police officers, so I'm also avoiding downvoting any content.

Yours, Piotr
@project.hope founder


People like you are the hope :-).

Read and understood, it is a great approach!!

I don't plagiarize - I always do my best to create original content. I have no idea how to actually participate in this community, to help or be helped. Since I've received no PH support, I assume I'm doing something wrong.

I am really happy seeing you addressing this publicly. One thing I will say is that we learn daily. This post is a guide to help us amend our ways if we are thinking towards such angle.

It is this your leadership skills that makes me so much love you @crypto.piotr

Duly noted and I hope plagiarists adhere strongly to this.


To make any community clean it is must to reducing make it dirty so i appreciate of this initiative to stop plagiarism.

Read friend!

It's interesting to note that many of the photos are not of the user's authorship, so creating a link so that people know that it is not of our authorship, is something that is not very clear to me. Since many of these photos are free of copyright

Understood, thank you for taking the time to build such a great foundation.


Dear @charlesjay

Did you give up on Steemit? Or you just had very long break?

This is a very important issue that has worried the system for a while. I think a list of users that were caught doing it be created and those people be placed under the spotlight for observation. Plagiarizers hardly stop,and that's because they never knew what to post in the first place. They constantly find new ways to scam the system, rather than create fresh work.

A true author knows the importance of avoiding plagiarism.✊🏼


yes , you are absolutely right friend...!

I have gone through the post , and yes i can say that my each and every post our plagiarism free , i write my post based on my research from various different sources and my own knowledge and understanding about the topic. i will make sure to add that banner at the bottom of my post from now on.
Thank you and let us together achieve the goal.

We all stand together against plagiarism...
Plagiarised content is surely injustice to the original content creator
#togetheragainstplagiarism @project.hope

Lots of people gather information from different places and then write them in their own words..
Is it also plagiarism?
If it is plagiarism then how to detect it?
@juanmolina @crypto.piotr ?

Thank you very much for updating us with this topic. I have commented on all posts regarding this topic within PH since, as a content creator, I am against those who pretend to be creators.

I, like you, am against these types of acts and less in rewarding those who do it. I am also in favor of your policy, I think the best punishment will be to stop completely supporting the user who commits this infraction.

I think that the most active users creating content, we should encourage this same initiative not only with the image that you have placed of "anti plagiarism" but also introducing this in a subtle way in our publications. For my part, I can add additionally to the image: 100% original content created for Project Hope by Alejandro Aristeguieta.

Other ideas will occur to me that I will let you know, especially so that the posts you create generate in others the intention of striving to create your own content and exploit your creativity. A big hug @crypto.piotr

With affection

P.S: I am updating my last post with the anti plagiarism image ;)

No problem with that. I'm all support for original. Quoting technical explanation is acceptable though, but subject to administrator manual curation and approval. Just like university thesis, can you quote more than 25% external material? I guess not. May be we can set a guide lines and tolerance? 50% of reference material is allowable?

Bitcoin is a digital encrypted asset that holds a value on a blockchain network, which govern by it's miners.

I totally made that up, the above statement.


LOLed. Like 50% of them are spinned material


In this example that you have exposed, we can see coincidence of words in random form. But when there is plagiarism, these words are located in the same sequence.
Certain authors have practiced "spinning" where they change the location of words trying to hide plagiarism, but that is also detectable on some scale.


Hey buddy. Thanks for quick reply. Which is why I'm saying, if we can have a set of rules of up to certain percentage of quoting material. Regardless how close one can get, as you mentioned in your comment, the word I used will be different. And your last sentence, detectable on some scale(how far?)

Merely saying, if we can have a scale for that, it's actually easier for people to follow the "rules". I will make a post on this topic. Cheers buddy 💪


Hi dear friend.

I think your idea of setting a percentage of quotes is great.

And your last sentence, detectable on some scale (how far?)

What I meant to say is that detecting spinning is much more difficult.


Thanks for replying Juan. Spinning is hard to detect, but the percentage of quoted text will tell you a rough idea of how far the article being spinned. Anything above 50% is very suspicious.


You´re right.
I would consider a max of 20% -25%


Depending on the nature of the article being spun/written. Scientific write up can be very much similar and often times when an article will have up to 75% of similarity. However, the word will not follow, the depth of the knowledge will be different.

These are some of the useful plagiarize checker for your perusal. I rely on them alot previously when I was still in the #esteem team.


It would be very interesting to implement the use of this type of verifier in our anti-plagiarism unit. Thanks for sharing.

As you have said, determining plagiarism can often be difficult. Except for vulgar plagiarism of those who make a full copy / paste (including images) of the article.

The nature of the article also influences the percentage of use of quotes.

Maybe you know any content verifier based on AI? I would consider it to be of a high level of reliability.

It's important to invest one's time to understand and develop their niches rather than plagiarising, we stand against it and PH frowns against any form of plagiarism. Whether direct or indirect.

It is really a sad thing seeing plagiarize post in the community, seriously if you can fit in a niche you don't need to force yourself joining but just copying others content. There are lot of ways to write a post in your own words without taking a word from others people post. If you have a topic, make research on it, Write it in your own words and use check plagiarize website to check first before publishing, that will really help them a lot.

Love the part you are really emphasizing on this aspect, plagiarizing can't help the community at all.


Let's fight against plagiarizm!!


Wait for your answer on Telegram

Nice please support me too

Is it ok when people hashtag different hive-numbers in their post, to reach more people with their selfmade posts? Aaand how do I use that banner? Just copy and paste it (lol)?

Okay, got it.
I will edit my 2 posts already written, and I will place the banner at the end of each one.
In each new post I will always place the banner at the end of the post.


#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Read and understood

প্রিয় @crypto.piptr প্রতিষ্ঠাতা @projec.hope
আপনার এ ধরনের হিতকর উদ্যোগ, ক্ষুদে স্টেমিয়ান, ব্লগার ও উৎসাহী পাঠকদের কিছুটা হলেও মনের খোরাক যোগাবে। নির্দেশনায় নকল নবিশ লেখকদের দুরে রাখার বিষয়টি প্রশংসার দাবিদার হতে পারে। পরিশেষে কমিউনিটি সদস্যদের মনবল বাড়ছে বলে প্রতীয়মান হচ্ছে। ধন্যবাদ জানাই সংশ্লিষ্ট সকলকে।

Dear Friend @crypto.piotr @project-HOPE founder
I am a citizen of Bangladesh. Less literate village citizen. I don't know how to think about my personal life at the educated level. I read English somehow and try to understand the meaning but I can't 'mean' it. However, writing and reading Bengali is much easier for me.
Whatever it is, why not? When you enter your community lately, you can see that it seems to be one-sided. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. Whatever has come to your notice. It is indicative of your proper prudence. Even after that, it would have been better to say 'notice' instead of 'introduction'. Errors are forgivable.

Read. @project.hope
Please decide how you would like to spell plagiarism. Is it plagiarizm or plagiarism?

Really hope the same thing does not happen plagiarism

Thanks for sharing :)

Greetings, I am new to the community, I hope I can share with you, very good measures

Great. I am reading it

"I confirm reading it".

On my opinion, we all are mature enough to understand the fact that stealing is unethical. Everytime someone takes something that belong to someone else without their consent is committing a crime. Intellectual property isn't different than material property, because it took time, experience, dedication, PATIENCE AND PREPARATION in order to make it real and available to others.

Since I was a kid I've been always careful not to violate the sacred sense of property of others and when I started to grow up I realized that anything a person created with his mind, material or not, should be respected as their own property, and back in those days I didn't even know about "Intellectual Property", at least not how we understand it today.

Plagiarism is not a simple fault, is A CRIME because it means someone else's ideas are going to be taken by force or fraud, and spinning is just another form of plagiarism, specially if someone wants to obtain a direct benefit.

Thanks for your post and the opportunity to express myself about this topic.

All my texts and redactions are made by myself under my own professional and personal experience and credits to other people's work are granted.


Welldone @project.hope
I am new in this community. I promise to post quality content here.

  ·  작년


Thank you for informing about this sensitive issue

To me originality is the main ingredient of uniqueness. A writeup is unique because the source of it content was preserved. I think the protocol of the community must be obediently observed.

I cite all my posts, but I keep forgetting the will try harder :)

I have read and understood this information and I promise to adhere to them.

I am 100% going to be anti plagiarism because it is a terrible to do, that is why i joined project hope because it is only in this community and some other once where anti plagiarism is being practiced 100%.

Hi. I happen to see this post before dropping mine and I'll be adding now the suggested image to let know the importance of creating content with no plagiarism. This simple act is not welcome in the whole ecosystem. Not just community of PH. Regards. #venezuela #affable