Machines in our lives (Submarine vessel)

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In our environment, whether it is the closest or the furthest away from us, we can be influenced by any type of tool or machine created by man to satisfy some of our needs. On this occasion we will relate in a general way to underwater vessels.

Throughout our history as humanity, we have been able to explore any space-time component of this majestic universe, man has created machines to perform countless tasks related to our daily lives, where, we find those aimed at being a means of transport, and here we have been able to relate to the bicycle, motorbike, car and helicopter, great inventions that changed our lifestyle.

Devices that allow us to travel over the earth's crust and through the air, but in the same way we find those machines intended for underwater exploration, which is why on this occasion we will relate in a general way to underwater vessels, these impressive machines are able to dive into the water or also stay afloat on the surface of it.

It is important to point out that thanks to technological advances it has been possible to go further and further in any type of processing or design of tools or machines available for our development and growth, where, the submarine ships have been able to obtain great contributions or advances described above.

Submarine vessel

We can say that any of us has heard of a ship or underwater vessel, and we know that these machines are capable of traveling either on the surface or submerged in the depths of the ocean, this outstanding feature is achieved thanks to the implementation of an appropriate system of variable buoyancy, This system is made up of tanks in which it stores either air or water depending on the activity to be carried out, that is to say, if it is going to be on the surface or submerged, in a very general way we can say that in order to go afloat it expels water from the tanks by means of some valves and when it reaches the surface it is because the tanks are completely empty, for the immersion process the opposite occurs.

Within the military field these ships represent a great value at a strategic level, but also their impact in the field of science has been relevant, since through these ships we have been able to explore and get to know unimaginable places at the bottom of the sea, this has made the important scientific knowledge of the depths of the seas grow exponentially due to the implementation of a variety of technologies.

The application of new technologies in the submarines is more remarkable every day. This is possible to observe in the obtaining of new materials as the alloy steel of high resistance which has allowed these machines to reach depths that oscillate between 250-400m, as for the communication system equally it has evolved, the implementation of modern periscopes with new optical systems for a better observation of the outside, implementation of nuclear energy in the case of the super submarines.

The smaller ships continue to implement a diesel-electric propulsion system, it is important to emphasize that technological advances are constantly being applied to these machines especially from the most developed countries for military purposes, there are many technological aspects to highlight applied to these submarines.


Throughout its history, man has been able to develop important machines in order to be able to carry out a certain task or task. Of course, it is important to highlight the immense work that the combined field of science and technology has done for this purpose, which has allowed any type of apparatus, tool or machine to be increasingly modern and capable of improving on the previous model.

Man has been able to build machines essential to our lives to carry out activities on the surface, in the air and in the water, as we have seen with the submarine, this machine with multiple applications but in specific areas, generally military and scientific research on the ocean floor, where we can find a great diversity of marine species.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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Hello @rbalzan79
I have always been curious to know what it feels like to be inside a submarine, and to be able to know the sea inside.
But, to have access to them is something complicated. It seems to me.
The technology behind them is interesting, and as far as I can see it is constantly evolving.


Greetings friend @josevas217, you are right it must be extremely interesting to be inside these impressive machines but not for long, and the technology applied to the submarines is state of the art, thanks for your important visit. Successes.


Thank you @tipu for your support.

The life of the military who are in the submarines must be somewhat hard, I really can not imagine being there knowing that there are no exits available without seeing the sun for so long, because at the end of the day is a great tube and these underwater must be for people who hate being locked a terrifying experience.
good article


Greetings @trabajosdeliglo, it is true what you express the life these people should not be anything easy although I imagine that they are passionate about it, thanks for your important visit to my blog. Successes.

I've always seen submarine vessels in action movies and I really do not know they do have this great features you've explained. I've really learnt a lot from your write up and thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💓


Greetings @hardaeborla, underwater vessels represent great advances for the human intellect, since it is not easy to keep these machines at those depths where the pressure is incredible, I am glad you liked it, thank you for your comments and for your important visit to my blog. Successes.