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In this opportunity I want to speak to you in a general way about the so-called new technologies, since they are considered of essential importance for the whole world economic environment due to their universality and their wide capacity of motorization and automation of the different tasks or activities developed by the man, and this observed from any flank of our vertiginous development, and therefore, it costs us that the new technologies have been the cornerstone for the exponential growth of the indispensable nexus between science and technology, aspect that has impacted extraordinarily in the productive environment at planetary level.

It is important to note that we have witnessed impressive technological innovations among which we can mention the microelectronics, and this wonderful innovation managed to structure or design complex technological systems such as automation of various processes related to any human activity, this aspect greatly linked to the origin of the so-called revolution of computing.

If we open the compass in relation to the so-called new technologies, we find electronics, and this area in turn has been of great influence in the development of computer science that we know today, in this set we also find biotechnology, space technologies, new sources of energy generation and new materials, this last technology (new materials) from my point of view is the foundation for the rest of the technological applications described above.

By naming the extraordinary team that make up the so-called new technology we can express that they have been responsible for the impressive scientific-technical revolution developed in recent decades, and it has represented without doubt a fundamental tool for the evolution of all humanity, this viewed from any field from the economic, political, social or cultural.

My friends readers in general terms we can highlight that new technologies have allowed us to give a better characterization to the countless products and services generated through the application of them, this is basically possible to the high content of information that is achieved from these products and services through these new technologies.


We have been able to notice and to be witnesses that by means of the application of a new technology it brings new challenges and new approaches from an approach of permanent innovation of any product, therefore, the application of new technologies becomes a field of permanent demands and competition, where, the small thing of a certain product makes it see so much more beautiful as profitable, and if it is possible to program it would be much better than one specific or fixed, for placing only two examples of application of new technologies.


We live in a world of constant application of new technologies, in the areas mentioned above, and these in turn open the way to future applications with a higher degree of innovation at the level of any product, therefore, there is a constant rethinking of the needs and demands of the global market, where it is important to emphasize the maximization of information obtained from certain products, since every day it is more detailed and specific, allowing the generation of new materials for the elaboration of different component elements of certain apparatus, equipment or products, this aspect allows us to express the intrinsic particularity that each advance or new technological application has or develops.

In future issues we will be delving into specific areas of the so-called new technologies and their impact on our modernity and consequently lifestyle.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

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Thank you for sharing this very interesting content if I agree with the combination of science and technology, with time every morning shows us new innovations about applications, digital ecosystems, new digital assets, the best developments in social networks, but in most of the companies o businesses that dominate this segment, they like to sell and give a lot of contribution to the knowledge about this new technologies, by our will when something new comes out we investigate it and change our philosophy.


Greetings friend @newton666, thanks for your important contribution is true science-technology has allowed us to raise our quality of life in every way.

New technologies keep coming up everyday and we need to adapt to it in order to enjoy the benefits that they offer.


That is true what you express we must adapt to new technologies in order to enjoy their great benefits thanks to your valuable contribution. Successes @futurekr.

This is truly an exciting era, we certainly live in a world in constant application and development of new technologies, which have undoubtedly been a fundamental piece for the evolution of all humanity, the way we communicate, work and mobilize just to mention has changed dramatically over a couple of decades, and we will continue to experience more changes and accelerated in the future.


Greetings friend @emiliomoron, you are absolutely right we are in an era of constant technological applications and with this we have been able to advance exponentially in all our activities, thanks for your valuable commentary. Successes.