Our ability to understand, quality that should differentiate us from the rest of living beings / Personal reflection



Greetings again my dear friends of this prestigious platform, especially to the members of the community of @projec.Hope, we continue to alternate with different aspects related to the behavior of man and the functionality of any type of machine or tool present in our wonderful environment.

When we refer to our capacity of understanding we can say that it is considered as the capacity of our mind to understand, reflect, analyze, discern, among others, in order to make the best decisions when we are presented with any type of event during our existence, therefore, that is why we can say that this quality differentiates us from the rest of the living beings of this planet.

Through our capacity of understanding we can establish agreements in conflicts in different areas of our lives, for example, when we have disagreements with certain people with whom we have family, business or some other form of coexistence relationship, so we seek a balanced way to yield mutual interests to achieve our objectives.

In spite of the above, sometimes it seems that we forget this ability and what we do is to enter into a conflict without any sense, where we are filled with anger, selfishness and above all resentment, thus avoiding any kind of understanding, at any moment we can hear or see some kind of conflict in different areas, in the family, work, social, cultural, that is, we are constantly immersed in a sea of possible disagreements between certain group of people.

It is very common to have some kind of disagreement with our partner, our parents, friends, co-workers, but even if we open the compass we could say that with society as a whole, so we can say that it is an intrinsic aspect or condition to the development of man through his physical existence to live with any living species, and also under a set of rules or standards established by certain society.

It is important to highlight that man has been able to be the most influential species in these times in the planet due to the essential aspect of being able to think differently from each other, however, this brings as a consequence that there are constantly differences of opinion about a certain point or subject, thus demonstrating the intrinsic characteristic described above, but, despite this, it will always be necessary to search for a fair balance which we have called understanding.

In the previous article we were able to relate to teamwork, and in which we must undoubtedly apply the understanding, however, this feature is possible to apply between people who despite not working as a team have the ability to reach a certain understanding with the purpose of a common agreement.

On many occasions we waste energy in meaningless discussions

We know that in every family nucleus there will be a large number of disagreements and these are necessary to strengthen a healthy coexistence, because sometimes we do things without thinking, and that can cause discomfort to our surroundings, and thus, a possible conflict or disagreement, the important thing is first to understand that we all think differently and that just as we want our opinion to be heard in this way we must reflect the opinion of the people around us.

Throughout our history as humanity we have witnessed unfortunate disagreements or very warlike conflicts that have led to the loss of human lives all over the planet, and all this, for not applying such a necessary capacity of the human being as understanding, that is, where both parties give in until they can balance their disagreements, and as already expressed, we can extrapolate this to any area that makes up our society.

Reaching a fair agreement or understanding does not mean that someone has lost, on the contrary, in general, those involved all win, that is why from any space where we find ourselves we must be ready to seek understanding with effective communication and without getting bogged down in meaningless discussions, that is, in the defense of a single opinion without listening to the rest of those involved.

Constantly around us we can witness any disagreement as the one observed in the gif at the beginning of this article, however, despite being the man called to have the highest degree of understanding there are many examples of other living species that serve as a lesson of life and also they are observed that do not hold grudges, which is why not only enough to say that we have the greatest capacity for understanding on this planet, but we have to prove it with facts, like the example shown below and such examples there are many.

Imagen caballos juntos.jpg

Until another opportunity my dear readers, hoping you can share your important opinions.

Note: The images are of my authorship, made using the Power Point application, and the animated gif was made with the Photoscape application.


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Hello friend, an excellent publication, certainly not all of us have that ability, sometimes we behave like animals and want to go over anyone's head. Understanding should be one of our necessary qualities or skills to be able to socialize and be able to empathize with other people. We must work hard on it as well as on being patient and empathetic people.

Greetings and thank you for sharing.


Greetings dear friend @franyeligonzalez.

You are absolutely right we should always be willing to be understandable with the people around us and in this way establish a good communication around us.

Thank you for your great contribution and many blessings to you and your family. Best wishes.