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Greetings again my dear readers of this prestigious platform, as usual we continue observing our environment with the firm intention of highlighting any type of technological application in the different activities that are part of our existence, and highlighting the essential link between science-technology, this aspect as you know has led us to express on other occasions that technology is nothing more than applied science, and we have demonstrated this with the generation or design of many machines, tools or artificial equipment thanks to all that knowledge provided by the entire broad field of science.

Therefore, in this opportunity we will continue to expand our knowledge related to the radiations imperceptible to our eyes and which have become of great help to our development over the years, remember that in previous articles we were able to analyze radiations of electromagnetic nature among which are, ultraviolet light, infrared, microwaves, X-rays, radio waves and gamma rays, all of them with the ability to be invisible to our visual capacity, either by having less or more energy than the spectral fraction of white light or visible to our natural optical systems (eyes).

From these important electromagnetic radiations we move on to another type of manifestation of energy propagation such as corpuscular radiations, and the latter are different from electromagnetic radiations because they have some kind of mass quantity at the time of the propagation of such energy, which does not occur with electromagnetic radiations that only transport energy, the important thing is that thanks to the understanding of our referential spectral fraction (white light) we have managed as humanity to use them in wonderful equipment or devices provided by the field of technology.

Of the corpuscular radiations in this opportunity we will link in a very general way with the alpha rays (α) and this type of radiation is formed by two protons and two neutrons and its emission originates in atoms of heavy elements among which we can point out uranium, radium among others, it is also necessary to point out that this type of radiation has the ability to ionize any type of matter with which it makes contact, however, this aspect has not stopped the world of technology for its proper use in many electronic devices.

Continuing with the above, we can say that this type of corpuscular radiation is applied in important fields of our lives such as medicine through the treatment of some types of cancer, this through a technique called radiotherapy, this can be seen in Figure 1 below.

Figure 1. Alpha radiation in radiotherapy


In reality our lives are surrounded by any kind of radiation, whether of electromagnetic or corpuscular nature, and above all, the most striking thing is that the vast majority of these radiations are imperceptible to our eyes, based on the amount of energy they possess, and relating it to the referential fraction of our visible light, and in this way applied by the wonderful world of technology through its innovative electronic devices, another application can be found in smoke detectors that warn us of possible fires.

Until another opportunity my dear friends, it is always important to be able to know any type of energy manifestation and that even though we cannot see them, it is possible to implement them in our daily activities as demonstrated by the essential nexus between science and technology.

Note: All the images are of my authorship and elaborated in Power Point.

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hello @rbalzan79 ,
it is difficult to be aware of all the types of radiation we are exposed to because from cell phone to microwave are emitting a type of radiation that is still not very clear that it is so harmful to humans. On the other hand, it would be great if you would develop an article on radiation from 5g towers, as you master these topics quite well.


Greetings friend @trabajosdelsiglo.

Everything around us is impacted by different types of radiation, especially electromagnetic radiation since our main natural source is the Sun, however, there are many other artificial radiation that are very useful for our development but can become ionizing, interesting topic that you propose in next installment I will be analyzing it. Good luck.

That's right my friend, we can't see the radiations, that's why they are so dangerous, because as we can't see them we can be exposed and this can be detrimental to our health. Greetings and thanks for your contribution.


Greetings my friend @carlos84.

Radiations will always be present in our lives and the best thing is that thanks to your understanding we can both protect ourselves and use them to our advantage, thanks friend for your great contribution. Good luck.

As always explaining the use of technology in different aspects of our daily life. Certainly we are surrounded by different types of radiation, and in this case those of corpuscular nature is good to know its beneficial applications for health because when we talk about uranium perhaps comes to mind rather the harmful effects of this type of radiation.


Greetings dear friend @emiliomoron.

Certainly as you express very well, radiation has been a topic that attracts our attention for so many things related to our existence, the important thing is that we have had the ability to use them to our advantage in certain areas of our lives such as in medicine despite its ionization capacity, thanks friend for your great contribution. Best wishes.