Technology and Musical Sound Waves

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We continue in the essential search of the impact or influence of the scientific-technological development in our lives, this way we will continue in the consolidation of the conceptualization that we have adapted in each one of our articles related to the highlight and importance of the design of innumerable tools, teams or machines by means of our intellectuality, this has been thanks to the previous link and with it highlighting the fact that science is applied technology.

In previous articles we have related with innumerable machines designed by the man through its nourished history, these machines as we know to fulfill certain and specific tasks, therefore, we related with machines such as, motors, bicycle, motorcycle, automobiles, helicopters, airplanes, submarines, among so many others, and the same without the contribution of the technology would have been impossible its evolution through the space-time that we have denominated history.

The intention of these articles, my dear readers, is to show in a very general and simple way that technology reaches any activity related to our daily life, and that thanks to the technological revolution it has been possible to increase the advances and generation of new materials, and with it the improvement of any design of the machines and instruments mentioned above through time.

In this opportunity we will relate to the longitudinal pressure waves responsible for the transmission of the essential phenomenon of sound, the understanding of this sound phenomenon has allowed us to adapt technological advances to the generation of a better sound, especially in the musical area, and also that these wavelengths can reach our ears with the frequencies more adjusted to these natural hearing systems.

To give credit to the link mentioned above, that is, science-technology, we can say that acoustics is that part of science that deals with the understanding of both the generation, propagation and reception of the different wave frequencies that we can find around us, whether they are emitted from artificial or natural sources, all this has served as a basis for the formation of the most splendid musical instruments as observed in the gif at the beginning of this article, but the list is very extensive of these instruments, since the indicated is only an example of a percussion instrument, without naming those that belong to the wind and string instruments, the truth is that all of them have been improved with technological advances.

If we extend our vision beyond the application of technology in the manufacture of musical instruments, we can say in general terms that the world of musical entertainment has been greatly influenced by such technological aspects with the implementation of different types of technologies, where, we can find the instruments for the transmission of these concerts on a giant screen and also be able to transmit them to our homes.


My reader friends we continue to observe our environment and find any activity influenced by the majestic field of technologies in extraordinary harmony with the knowledge extracted from the essential field of science, as we could observe in the gif at the beginning of this article.

If we focus on the gif, we can observe wonderful technological aspects such as the use of hands-free microphones, transmission of images on a giant screen, modern percussion instruments such as the drum and the same with an appropriate membrane on its edge, light effects simulating wave movements characteristic of sound waves, in short, in a given activity we could find a cluster of technological applications.

The above described allows us to continue demonstrating that any technological application has become an intrinsic aspect in our lives, and over time this feature has been further strengthened, the important thing is to be able to adapt to these continuous changes and thus enjoy these great and extraordinary advances of which we are reliable witnesses, and hopefully it will be so for a long time, always taking into account the highest degree of balance in the application of such advances in our lives.

Until another opportunity my dear and appreciated readers.

Note: The images are of my authorship, made using the Power Point application, and the animated gif was made with the Photoscape application.

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Greetings dear friend @rbalzan79, as always educating us in science and technology, you do a great job, as you show us how sound waves influence our lives.

See you later friend, have a great week !


Greetings dear friend @amestyj, the science-technology nexus has allowed us to evolve in every way and will continue to do so over time. Successes friend and thanks for commenting.

So much technology has offer to us that we just need to be grateful of


Greetings @mandato, you are right the technological field has given us a lot of social welfare, thanks for commenting.

Excellent description of sound and musical waves, and always accompanied by excellent animated images. Greetings and thanks for sharing @rbalzan79.


Thanks friend @carlos84, for your positive appreciation the images is another contribution thanks to the technological applications. Greetings and successes.