Investing on Summoners in Splinterlands

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Splinterlands is the only game that I have been playing for quite some time and I am very happy with my gaming experience. I started playing this game for fun in March 2020 and never thought that I will ever invest in the game after the starter pack but things have gone ahead and it changed my mindset over the period of time. I was not an expert in the game but I spend a lot of time understanding and the learn the game and even the economy behind it. When I got to know more about the game then I thought of investing in some monster cards but initially, I did not invest much in summoners and my main focus was on monster cards. I had never thought that the game will grow like this and the cards that I have purchased for a few $$ will grow significantly. I even did buy some land and even the land price is so good but I am not going to sell it because the real fun is still not unfolded by the team.



I have been planning to invest some in summoner cards from Chaos Legion Edition and finally, I am able to do it now. Although I am not done yet and still buying cards but waiting to see if I can get more summoners at better prices.

The first card that I purchased on level 5 is TARSA and it's a fire summoner card in the Chao Legion edition of the pack. I have got 40 BCX cards in level 5 and its current price value is almost $75 it also contributes to 800 collection power. More collection power means a better gaming experience and that is something required to level up the better gaming experience. This card has a dual ability that can give 1+ health and melee attacks to the monsters.

OBSIDIAN is another summoner card that I have purchased with 40 BCX in level 5 currently, its market price is $109 and I have a plan to upgrade it to level 6 if I get better pricing available. This is an earth summoner that has the ability to add 1 magic attack and at level 5 it also adds up to 800 collection power.

Usually, summoners are expensive cards but Chaos Legion summoners are available at a low price and this is why I am trying to get these summoners from all the elements on higher levels. Not just fire and earth, I am also buying summoners from all the remaining elements like water, death, life and dragon, etc. Dragon cards are expensive I will need to spend more if I make it level 5 summoners but I will do and this is needed for my game to be even better and this will also increase my collection power and league eligibility.

I have invested in the SPS, DEC, and even on the packs but for now I want to invest in the cards to level up my game because I want to play battles on high levels and this is needed for me to make that happen. I will continue to invest in other assets simoulanesoly but more focus will remain on the summoner cards for now.

Thank you so much
Stay Safe

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hello @reeta0119
I have little time the game and I find it very fun. The truth is that I didn't know about the game and I started playing thanks to your publications, without a doubt I also followed the strategy of buying cards and I really think that buying summoners is fundamental for the future of the game. I am very happy to be part of this wonderful game.


Hi @dgalan
You have taken nice decision and I hope that this will bring you an earning opportunity with play to earn segment. Let me know if you need any help with splinterlands.


greetings @reeta0119 I hope you are very well, with pleasure I was, in due time I will ask you for advice to improve my game, again thank you very much for your publications since I have learned a lot from there.

Hello @reeta0119!

I can tell you that one of the reasons that I couldn't compete well in Splinterlands are the summoners as I had bad ones and I invested the majority of money one few other things and forgot about them (Stupid mistake). I had to keep renting ones for a while until their price was so high as my rank kept getting higher and that's where I stopped because all my calculations went wrong.

Thanks for sharing!


Hi @lennyblogs
these days cards price is down and this is why buying is better now and later it can be profitable.

Hi friend.

Thank you for those recommendations in relation to Splinterlands, I was not aware that the summoners were valuable in the game. I have a little time playing from time to time but I think I am going to give the game more importance and I am going to start investing more in it.



HI friend
yes, summoners are valuable cards and in level 5 or more every single card is worth 100$ at least and some are for even thousands worth. Renting also brings better income for summoners.