Tips and reflections on anxiety


About anxiety and how to handle it

Today we have a lot of stress and it attacks us in different ways,especially with the problem of the pandemic and the virus that we are facing.
Faced with these difficulties, the way we face this problem becomes very important.

So within my humble knowledge,I come to offer you the experience that has accumulated over the years about how in a very personal way faced this situation, Being successful most of the time.

Anxiety can present itself to us in different ways, below I'm going to briefly outline how you can use tools that are easily at your fingertips.

It is very important to consider what to handle this situation is vital to be focused, calm and relaxed.

That is why I recommend that when reading this publication you be in a calm environment without external disturbances,so that you can better assimilate everything that I am going to explain to you.

So let's start by giving you these valuable tips:

1 - Get up early in the morning

Usually when people get up early in the morning,One of the benefits that is obtained is that you get more time.And by having more time you can obviously do more activities during the day,Which obviously translates into being able to carry out and achieve more goals on a daily basis.
A clear example of this is the comparison between a person who gets up early and one who gets up late.And you wonder what the difference is? , the person who gets up late will not get as much satisfaction from the amount of tasks performed,And you probably won't meet all of your goals for the day,Suppose the case of 2 sellers,The seller who got up early managed to visit 10 clients,While the one who woke up late managed to visit only 4.So it is very clear that the one who got up earlier is more likely to sell more products or Or of managing to capitalize on those 10 clients while the one that did not only managed to capitalize on one or two clients.Hence, the importance of following this valuable advice.

Also, as the saying goes, who gets up early, God helps him.It is also very healthy that after getting up I did a small exercise routine,Because healthy body maintains a healthy mind.

2 - Eat healthy.

You should eat healthily,For this it is very important to eat all the foods required by our body,Trying to maintain a balance between the different food groups As are fruits, vegetables, meats and fish.

It is a very good idea to consult your family doctor or nutritionist to have a personalized guide on the proper nutrition that corresponds to each human being.

Eating healthy provides energy makes us feel better about ourselves, which makes us more efficient people and perform our tasks in a better way.

So I hope so I hope these recommendations help you a lot,And tell me if they have served you or the experience you have had with them.

3 - Organize and plan your day to day and also in the long term

People who organize a schedule of activities and goals tend to invest and make better use of their time.This is because it has even planned the possible errors and obstacles that they can commit.Also this has the benefit of what gives us a purpose,We have set goals and an objective what is to achieve in the short, medium or long term.So this is one of the tricks that distracts our mind and keeps us away from anxiety. And in this way we will feel happier,Achieve our goals We were going to appear as nicer people to whom we dealt.It is obvious that this helps us Present ourselves as a successful person to others.

I hope that all these tips are very helpful and I invite you to comment on your experiences with anxiety and share how you have managed it,So all of us can learn more to be better human beings.

¡See you on my next post!

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Greetings @reinaldoverdu. They are very good advice, anxiety is one of the biggest diseases today, when this pandemic began I felt a lot of anxiety, one of the things that helped me manage it was physical exercise, doing activities such as gardening, that helped me a lot.


Exactly, you use a good method to control anxiety, I congratulate you, thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Hello friend, excellent advice, I think to start is good to organize our day to day, implement conscious breathing at least 15 minutes a day is also a great idea and anxiety levels decrease considerably. I've been through it too and I know how it feels. Greetings!


It is always important to take time for yourself, thank you very much for sharing your opinion.

I believe that anxiety and stress are the most common disorders in today's world, our pace of life and the way we handle situations sometimes lead us to develop these terrible diseases.

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