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Just a quick post with some of the stats I'm interested for the CUB defi project. I compare them with the Goose Finance project just for reference. Someday we'll have also a 50$ CUB. We are on the way.

CUB Defi


TVL - Total Value Locked
Supply - Token supply
Holders - Number of wallets holding the token (it's actually more but just to have a reference)
AVG CUB - Average CUB per wallet
Burn - Tokens burned
% of burned coins from the total supply.
Twitter - Twitter followers

The Total Value locked remained stable for the last 3 days, but with the price of cub stabilized to 4$ and some dumpers out of the game I expect this price levels to hodl, at least until next week.
This community has diamond hands and is one of the toughest that I know, almost all of the LEO community is in for the long term. The know that the Leofinance team delivers, and they will add more value to the token soon.

Audit is really close, which could attract more outside capital into the project.
Leobridge is also under the corner and it will provide another sink for the token supply.
I like that we already burned 10% of the supply, Goose is sitting at 20% and we are getting close to this number, if the price dips it will be easier to get there with the treasury funds.

One of the most important metrics for me is the growth of Holders, they are growing each day. This means that new people is interested in the project. I expect this number to keep growing, specially with the first audit.

Twitter is also seeing constant growth, and this is going to put more eyes on the whole Leofinance project. Something good for everybody!

GOOSE Finance


They are suffering a small dip in TVL, some people are concerned about how things have been with the 2nd layer of Layered finance they launched. The bots filled the vaults in seconds and left a lot of users out of the game.

Slowly but steady well get this numbers, I would focus in growing the number of Holders as much as possible.

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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