HECO chain, the Huobi Smart chain

3개월 전


I just want to share with you some tests that I am doing in the HECO Blockchain.
I have configured the Heco Smart Chain using metamask and I deposited some money in this Autofarm vault.


So far the project has been quite good, despite this small dump.
Here the results:


I will still hold this position for some weeks. I don't want to sell, this could gain some traction, similar of what BSC did. Even if just a small % of people try this new smart chain, the prices will move upwards.

Let's just wait for the market to start the new leg up to decide.


Enjoy! 😊


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Based on the details you provided in this post this is looking so good find prices also showing a positive movement. I did not know that there are projects exist on houbi smart chain as well because these days after Ethereum Binance smart chain is quite popular. I will check out more about the project and we'll see more in detail .

@tipu curate