๐Ÿ”ฅ I'm earning 10 times my monthly wage with CUB Finance.


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Yes, you read it correctly.

With cubdefi.com/ I am earning x10 what I earn daily at my current job. No, I don't live in a 3rd world country and I don't work part-time. I live in Europe and I am earning 121$ per day for 8 hours of work.
From a normal job from 9 to 5 with 2 days off each week you will be working 20 days each month, which is what I am currently doing.


This means that if I was paid daily I would earn 80$ each day.
So, the math is easy, I am currently farming 800$ each day using CUB Finance.
I will not show you my LP nor the total amount I have invested in the platform, I will just tell you that I am currently at 4 farms.


Take this HUGE opportunity

You are here, reading this. If you don't take this opportunity it's your own fault. I will assume some risk and stay in the pools. The Leofinance team has been working for almost 2 years and they showed their credibility a lot of times. In my opinion this is one of the "safest" BSC projects right now, most of them doesn't have any visible face nor the Leofinance track record.

Of course, this is not financial advise. A lot of things could happen and you could lose your funds at any time. CertiK audit is comming soon, this will be a plus.


That yields, may or may not be sustainable. However I've learned a lesson from @nealmcspadden which is called:

Pool early and pool often.

I got the message. And you?

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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Loved it! Your journey your thought process everything is great !

Hmm, you don't want to say hiw mamy LP you have an have many you have invested. Thats ok. But this would be relevant. If you invest 10 million$ than it would not be much what you are getting, if you only invested 1000$ or 10000$ its a lot what you get.