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Today I decided to pull the trigger and try Layered Farming from Goose Finance.
Goose Finance is similar to what Cub Finance is, in the future we'll have a lot of functionality that will make the CUB project 10 times better than Goose.

They implemented a new functionality a month ago called Layered Farming. I will not give you a lot of details about what Layered Farming is, you can check their website for a comprehensive explanation.
A lot of people has been complaining a lot about it, and I decided to participate in Layer 5 with the safest strategy possible.


The safest strategy to participate

From my point of view the safest strategy possible is to participate using a stablecoin. You will pay a 2% fee and you will instantly start farming the layered token, in this case GG5.

So deposited a spare amount there to check the whole process.


I deposited 3,255$, and after the fees it was 3,190$. I would need to generate 65$ to make the fees back and hopefully earn some money.


From whay I am seeing I think I will be able to make the fee's money back but I don't expect to earn much as the price of GG5 will be dropping fast each day. For your reference GG4 (layered token 4) after 6 days it's at 1$, so expect a huge dump in the comming days.

I would not recommend you to invest anything here. Better invest in CUB farms, believe me.

Enjoy! ๐Ÿ˜Š


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