Who is a strong woman?


Some women mistake being strong to being rude and disrespectful to men, that's very wrong. Your being strong has nothing to do with any man or anyone for that matter - rather it has everything to do with you alone.


Being a strong woman is all about being sharp enough to know what you want for yourself in life and being bold enough to go after it without allowing anything or anyone to hold you back. It is you being proud of who you and not defining yourself by anyone else's standard but your own standards. It is you believing in yourself and telling yourself that you have in you whatever it takes to make yourself somebody or whatever you desire to be...

You're not strong because you want to prove to men that you are somebody, you're strong because you know you're somebody and you never allow anyone to stop you from being that somebody that you know you are. Being strong does not stop you from being loving, respectful and polite. Being strong doesn't mean you have to prove anything to anyone, it's you simply being yourself and holding your head up wherever you find yourself.

Men and women will always need and that battle of superiority must always be there, but understand this: your being strong and independent has nothing to do with any man - but it has everything to do with you knowing what you want out of life and doing all you can to put your shit together.

Stay blessed!

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