Having to put off most things ends up becoming a habit that generates disadvantages in our personal development



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It is very common that at some point in our life we have postponed something, however it is a warning sign that procrastinating our most common activities become a habit. Even if we end up with our most common activities, it is not very convenient that we end up procrastinating, even if this becomes a habit, we can lose opportunities that are valuable in our lives, to know what I am explaining, I will explain some examples:

  • When it is disorganized and we know we have to fix it and we don't do it.

Suppose we have a library that we do not use for different reasons, either because the books are old and are discontinued, perhaps because the information found there is more easily available on the Internet, the case is that the library is disorganized and occupies a space that we must vacate.

There are several decisions we can make, if we do not want to order the library, we can take all the books and donate them, sell them or something else, we simply know that it is there waiting for a decision from us to solve the problem, but we just leave it for another day and we do not do it.

  • We procrastinate our success.

Let's suppose that we have an aspiration to study a professional career, but simply because of unfounded fears every year we postpone its beginning, in the end everything ends up in the fact that in the past we wanted to do that professional career, but because of procrastinating we never started it, thus damaging what could have been a successful profession for us.

  • When we have to give something to someone else and we look bad.

Let's imagine that we are in the university, the professor sends us to make an essay that has to be delivered in two weeks, as the days go by we are postponing the realization of this essay, either because we see it very easy to do or for whatever reason, The fact is that we invest the time in things that seem more interesting like watching a movie, until the day comes to deliver the essay and we have nothing done, in the end we look bad to the teacher and we sell ourselves as an irresponsible person, but we have not realized that procrastinating has become a bad habit.

The conclusion of the case is that procrastinating things or activities that we have to do can bring us many problems, most likely we do not realize when procrastination is already a habit in us, in the case that we diagnose it in time, we must find a way to procrastinate things is something that we start working to leave it, and rather if we have something to do we do it at once without having to put it off.

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