Why do I think that time is the greatest treasure that we human beings have?

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For not knowing how to manage our time and value it as that most precious asset that all human beings have, is that at some point our mind wants to go back to the past, and that is when we often hear people say:

"If I could only go back to the past and make amends for my mistakes".

That is a desperate statement that announces how valuable time is in our lives, if we did not grow old and immortal perhaps we would not think so much about these things, however unfortunately we realize how valuable time is in our lives when there is not much that can be remedied.

Let's stop for a moment and think what would happen if a doctor told us that we only have 24 hours left to live. We will surely regret all the time we spent in our past to share with friends and family, a situation that for the present with only 24 hours to live is not enough.

If we understand time in our lives as that treasure that allows us to live under a life with discipline and organization, surely we manage time so that it reaches us for the most important things in our lives, otherwise perhaps we can live thinking about a past that no longer exists and a future that may never come.

With all this reflection I don't mean that it is necessary that we live life in an accelerated way as if there was never a tomorrow, but that we find the balance of knowing how to administer our most valuable treasure (time) to live life in a healthy and diverse way where we don't have to regret wanting to correct things from the past that are impossible to solve, since until now humanity has not found the formula to travel in time and be able to travel to our past and correct our mistakes, maybe if we manage to live long enough but with a future that is not what we would like.

I close this reflection evoking a popular saying among people: "Let's not put off until tomorrow what we can do today", since every minute counts, always acting with prudence and wisdom we will be able to live a life full of joy, of course with its ups and downs but taking advantage of the time we have.


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That why is important to always grow and plan your time to produce things that matter to you.


Certainly the correct planning is essential to optimize and spend the time, greetings friend for comment

Hello friend, a great reflection, certainly I think that all humans at some point in our lives we have wanted to turn back time, but I think that after a certain age or certain experiences we learn to accept our situation and take advantage of the time we have left or today, as you say we must take advantage of today but also set goals for tomorrow. Greetings!


Everything you have said complements exactly what I have wanted to express in this publication, my friend.

Greetings @franyeligonzales and thanks for commenting

Greetings @sandracarrascal

Excellent reflection, time plays against us, when we think we have it, it hits us with speed, when we sense situations and we want to anticipate the facts, it hits us with its slowness, in short, time must be used in every second, minute and hour, as some people say without haste but without pause. Thank you for sharing this great manuscript.


Of course I understand you, it is a strategy to ensure that time does not play negatively on us but rather that we manipulate it at our whim, although time is the same at every moment I think that feeling of slowness or high speed is due to our anxieties, and that by controlling them we are improving time in our favor.

Greetings my dear friend @lupafilotaxia and thank you for commenting.

of all things in this world time is the most interesting thing, the reason why I mention this is because no matter that the clock says we all have 24 hours, when we analyze the different realities we realize that the same hours are not perceived by people in the same way, a day in Venezuela is different from a day in Spain, Therefore, for millions of Venezuelans who are waiting for world politics to give us a way out of the great crisis we are experiencing, "every day" that politicians can wait, we Venezuelans perceive it as an eternity.


Everything that overwhelms us we want it to pass quickly, the economic crisis in Venezuela is strong and exhausting, that is why we perceive the arrival of a solution as an eternity, although literally it has been like that in reality the human being par excellence does not have patience to face with patience the time needed to overcome this crisis.

Greetings my dear friend @trabajosdelsiglo and thank you for commenting.