Will technology continue to surprise us this year 2021?


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Thank you friends for supporting me and always being there to accompany my posts and interact on the basis of my publications.

I believe that technology will certainly surprise us this year, perhaps a projection analyzed from the perspective of a latent need is that we may not see technological advances based on technologies with advances in innovations applied to smart phones, but rather I believe that a technology will be developed to generate objects or materials with new innovations of which we are accustomed to not visualize as for example computer and robotic equipment software and Internet products that are increasingly better.

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Before the pandemic most of the technological advances were oriented to innovate and surprise us with state-of-the-art elements and equipment but in the area of entertainment, but now in the middle of the pandemic we have realized that technology is having a necessary sense of usefulness.

A clear example of this usefulness is in the applications of our most common devices such as phones, computers, but that before were not very useful based on our existing need for the moment, although at times seemed very sophisticated, but today have suddenly become central tools in business and new sources of entrepreneurship.

I can conclude by taking an example of the digital technological innovations of the moment and which I believe will bring more new things, such is the case of digital payments, which I believe came to us in a way that will hardly be extinguished and will remain with us for a long, long time. The innovations in electronic payments have a necessary utility since they save us time that is so valuable today.

What technological forms do you think will surprise us in this year 2021?


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Greetings @sandracarrascal.

Great article that you share with us in this opportunity, for sure that for this year 2021 the technological applications will continue surprising us all because technological advances do not stop and go at a very fast speed, this has been one of the most important characteristics of the technological world.



Certainly friend the technology is going at a dizzying speed, greetings and thank you for commenting.

Hi friend, always good to see you here, the truth is that technology is becoming more powerful every day, it is very necessary especially in these times of pandemic. Many people are working from home including me so I have a lot to thank technology and the internet. Also thanks to that we can be in touch with our loved ones! Greetings!


It is very true that apart from what may surprise us, technology also helps us a lot in other aspects to work from home.

I certainly believe that technology will surprise us this year more than anything else in the intangible, greetings @sandracarrascal and thanks for sharing