Earn Bitcoin playing this video game: Lightnite.

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Light⚡️nite is a video game based on the Bitcoin Lightening Network.


The games has a single person shooter mode where you shoot Covid Spores and a Multiplayer mode where you shoot other players. You earn Bitcoin by defeating the Spires or other players in five minute matches. Additional Bitcoin can be earned by removing weapons and special clothing from defeated players, which can be sold for more Bitcoin.


There are two very interesting cryptocurrency concepts underlying this game economy.

First is Micro-transactions.

The Bitcoin Lightening Network is a side chain of the Bitcoin blockchain. The players win Bitcoin measured in 500 Satoshi amounts, which are transferred between players with micro-transaction fees. The game also features an in game store where players can sell weapons and clothing game rewards for Bitcoin. These are also micro transactions.


Second is non-fungible tokens.

The in game rewards, the weapons and clothing are non-fungible tokens, which are thus each unique and produced varying numbers. There are four rarity classes which determines its total supply:

  • Legendary - 1 unit;
  • Rare - max supply of 100 units;
  • Premium - max supply of 500 units;
  • Normal - unlimited supply.



So the guns and clothing are removed by the winner of in game battles by the victor. So in addition to 500 Satoshi of Bitcoin per battle, the players can sell items they removed from opponents in the in game store for Bitcoin.

Satoshis Games Studio and Blockstream Partnership

The game is a partnership project between Satoshi Game Studio and Blockstream, a company which worked on the Bitcoin Lightening Network project.

Satoshis Games Studio


While Satoshis Games Studio specializes in creating a software platform to adapt video game software to the blockchain. Satoshi Gaming Studio is on a mission to change gaming and blockchain gaming forever.
Their vision is to change blockchain based video games into a new financial ecosystem or commercial market. This new financial ecosystem will have many new financial characteristics.

Satoshis Games Studio Vision for new video game ecosystem.

First, it will allow players to earn and spend BTC directly, during the gaming activities.

Second it will allow allow players to own their in game reward items, and hold them in special wallets as nonfungible tokens, which can then be traded or sold at an in game store.

Third, it will have in game stores where players can use Bitcoin to buy game items, but perhaps more importantly sell game items for Bitcoin.

Fourth these games will feature new wallets for game items which have been tokenized, as non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens.

Fifth these blockchain games will be based on the Bitcoin sidechain, called Bitcoin Lightening Network.

Satoshi Faming Studio believes Bitcoin is the perfect Cryptocurrency to use for video games rewards revolution.

Bitcoin is the oldest and most favored cryptocurrency. Satoshi Studios believes the strong name recognition of Bitcoin and its world wide respect as a store of value make it the perfect vehicle to convince the world that Blockchain Gaming is a viable business model.

But the Bitcoin blockchain is characterized by transaction fees and transaction speed, which make the micro transaction needed fir a video game impossible, as well as the need for micro- transaction fees.

However, the Bitcoin Lightening Network is a side chain of the original Bitcoin blockchain, so it’s native token is Bitcoin. And the Bitcoin Lightning Network allows micro transactions and micro transaction fees in Satoshis and thus makes Bitcoin Video Game Rewards a viable business model.


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Non-Fungible Tokens and wallets

Blockstream Software Company specializes in monetizing video game assets via tokenization, as in non-fungible tokens. Plus they build specialized cryptocurrency wallets for storage of both Bitcoin and Bitcoin non-fungible tokens which represent video game reward items like weapons and clothing. Thus these wallets are specialized for storage of rewards won in the game.

Blockstream was one of the major developers working Bitcoin Lightening Network.

This company specializes in side chain development and deployment. It was a major contributor to the creation of the Bitcoin sidechain Bitcoin Lightning Network. This network specifications of a transaction volume potential of one million transactions per minute. Which makes it the fastest blockchain in existence and faster the World Leading Credit Card transaction processor VISA!

Blockstream Satellite
8EEBBF3D77B64F0190E21964E4ACE454.jpeg source

Blockstream has taken Bitcoin into space. The Blockstream Satellite network broadcasts the Bitcoin blockchain around the world 24/7 for free, protecting against network interruptions and providing anyone in the world with the opportunity to use Bitcoin.

Lightening Network Micro-transactions are revolutionary.

As you can see this is a revolutionary concept utilizing the Bitcoin Side chain Lightening Networks revolutionary micro- transaction capability and its speed of up to one million transactions per minute. A speed previously only possible in the Visa Credit Card transaction network.

Before the Lightening Network micro transactions in Bitcoin were not economically feasible. The success of games and other software constructs like this game will potentially open the door for other non-video game based economies, which want to deal in Bitcoin.

I have played the game in Beta and I am earning Bitcoin

Yes, I bought the game for 20 Euros and although it’s still in pre-production mode, I play single player in the Covid Minigame where I have one about 50,000 Satoshi and about eight unique weapons or items. See pictures below:


Where to buy it

The makers of LIGHT⚡NITE — Satoshi Gaming is selling it for 20 Euros as a Pre-Order.
But... Use my referral code for a 20% discount off the price! Save five Euros!

Plus get free in game accessories and 500 Satoshi of Bitcoin when you use this code!

My Referral code: https://lightnite.io/ref=shortsegments

Download Instructions: tips/ tricks

Once you download the game there are a few tips and tricks that I would like to provide you to make it easier. link

Final Thoughts

I hope you can now see why this is a revolutionary concept from both a gaming perspective and a Bitcoin micro-transaction economy perspective. Plus how making it possible for gamers all the world to earn Bitcoin is a great use case for the adoption of both Bitcoin specifically and cryptocurrencies in general through increased awareness.



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Dear @shortsegments it is amazing to see how the gaming industry has boomed during the lockdown period.
With nothing else to do people took to gaming in a big way and the current situation has proved a boon for the industry


It's very good, I'm going to start saving money to buy that game, I'm a gamer and playing video games and making money is a dream come true, thanks for sharing


Hi @ramsesuchiha
Your welcome
Happy Sat Stacking!

Very interesting concept! Could be a game changer to to the games industry


Hi @tulio-franzini
I agree!
Thank you fir your comment

I dont know about block chain games, but i believe this one is a good start