My target and how to achieve it/funds raising enablers to aid that achievement 23/01/2021.


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I am omebiro tochukwu Clifford, an under graduate from the university of portharcourt rivers state Nigeria studying chemical engineering pre-year 300level student,i am currently engaged with interior and exterior painting and also designs on new buildings and old buildings ever since the short down of schools; because of the covid19 and am also a software development but am still on the tutelage.


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The basic purpose of this my project is; on how to get funds here in steemit and also with my skill, so i could
enhance my learning and also asist in teaching other,furthermore to buy the necessary tool and garjets; thats is phone,laptop and also work towards paying my school fees and house rent here in school from the funds i will be realising.


my schools fees is one of the basic issues i needed to tackle before the portal for payment closes, before the payment of my house rent.It happened thats i work hard through my painting skill to get money for my up keep and also for the payment of my bill which has been on for years now,life had been tough ever since the dismissal of my mom but u no God has reason for that, am the first son in the family of five children one elder sister and three junior siblings and was not born with a sliver spoon,we all as children struggle to make end after mummy left to see God.we manage to achieve her burial and push forward as lively offspring to becoming the best our parents had wanted us to be well daddy is still alive but not doing much that could fetch enough money for the family,i learnt a skill stated above and also started some online works in other to make end and support in the payment of my bills and to crown it all a good friend introduced me to steemit and thought me how it works.


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Ways in which i intend achieving it is by :

1. steemit: over time i have found out thats steemit is here for people thats are handicapped by means of my research inoder words to help in financing there plans and also improves in the fame of that particular individual wherein that individual is devoted to his/her works here in steemit,therefore on the stand point of this mind blowing information i have deduced methods wherein i will take in achieving this tasks.
I will ensure i make post at least thrice a day and also upvote post as much as my capacities could attend.
I wil set some of my post on 100% upvote rewards and some at 50%.

2. Due to the poor garjets possession ,i will try as much as i can to ensure thats i am able to make posts in all the community am in so i could make enough money to improve my facilities,because i understand that the sharper and smarter the gerjet you have the faster and easier the run on steemit and other paying networks.

3. Irrespective of the conditions of my garjet i will ensure that the quality of my contents is well structured and will add to the readers knowing,increase the wel being of this great ecosystem and also ehance in the technology and technical aspect of steemit.

4. Despite making steemit the first in priority,in this aspect of fund raising to achieve this goal,i haven't forgotten the place of my skill which i will wouldn't leave in a hurry,i will also engage in my painting works and save some funds there.

5. The place of my brothers and father,uncle who could also be a means to asist,i.e i will be reaching out for there help also so i could meet my demands.


After all this aim has being achieved,i will make sure i add greatly to this ecosystem in knowledge,wisdom etc and help in the propagation of this platform.i will raise structure thats will get people involved in steemit,get more recruits that will help in digesting this great gratitude of my and also encourage downcast steemians to begin to make post again,well as knowledge increases,more ideas on how to carry steemit to the top will emerge.


With great joy in my heart i solemnly acknowledged the leadership of this community,and to the readers as well thank you very much for i anticipate your supports and to @steemcurator01,honestly your are doing great sir may God strengthen your efforts amen.i wish to thank all other persons thats has one way or the other help me in getting this project done that God will bless and increase you all greatly amen.


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Hello @smartcliff

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