Best app to track your crypto.

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After searching about best website to track crypto we are now searching for best app to track crypto. Before we began I would like to say that I am not including CMC app because it’s an market leader and if you know then we are finding CMC alternative so I am going to review app apart from CMC app.

Let’s began

In this search all the things are dependent on you I am simply reviewing them and giving an overview of the app and I will share my experience with you so you can decide which app to use.

1 CoinGecko

CoinGecko is always been one of my favourite as they are have soft corners for our community so love is always there for @CoinGecko. Les see what’s there in the app of CoinGecko,


I have used more than 8 app which tracks crypto prices but only CoinGecko offer this when you first download the app that how you want to see the app basic settings like language, currency option and dark mode option are available when you first open the app in other apps it’s not available when you open it, you have to go into settings to do so but CoinGecko offers it on front.

simple to use


It’s quite simple to use basically you got everything which you want to see on front interface most of apps offer only track of crypto prices but it offers exchange section and also offer derivatives option to look at and everything is simple to use even beginners can use this app easily.

Only thing which I can’t find in this app is portfolio section which is available in other apps but if you only want to stay updated and also want to look at exchange then this app is for you.

2. CoinCap


I haven’t use this app but this app is quite popular so I have decided to pick it up and when I opened it then I got to know why this is popular they have pretty simple interface to use and the feature I like the most about this app is live price tracking which is not available in every app on other app sometimes you have to refresh the app to see the changes in the prices but this is not the case for CoinCap, they also have dark mode features which makes this app look more cool to see.
So if you want an simple app to track prices and manage portfolio which is named as altfolio in the this app is great for you.

Coin Stats


This is also an popular app in the crypto community so I have decided to give it a try this app offers so many things which both of above are providing in common like they offer exchange ranking which is available in CoinGecko but not in CoinCap. Portfolio in CoinCap but not in CoinGecko so this app is better in some cases if compared.
An extra feature which I liked about this app is they are providing 24hr report in different sections which really helps to identify the current market conditions so thumbs up for this feature.
So if you want an and easy to use and an great app to use then this app is for you.

4. BitScreener


I am reviewing this app because I personally use this app form long time and use this app to track crypto’s

There are lack of some feature like they don’t have exchange rankings in the app but there are some feature which makes this app better than other,


There are indicators to use so, you can do technical analysis in the app which may attract lots of users to use this app.
If you want to want feature like only tracking prices of crypto’s then others are best for that but if you are willing to do some extra with app then go for this app.

I have tried my best to give honest opinions about all the app. Now it’s all upto you which app you want to use. Your phone your apps I can’t force you

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Great review about this applications, I will check them out properly to know which one to stick around, thanks for the information.

I'm using Bitrift and "Crypto Ticker Widget", on Android. Both to have prices on my screen as widgets. (Bitrift has no Hive price, the other, has.) Any other app with good widgets? (Also Steem and Hive prices?)