Looks like steem is going to die ??

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Some people might disagree with the thoughts coming but it’s true and I am believing that it is true that steem is going to die read the full story what’s happening.........


#From beginning to end

I don’t beginning need any explanation but I still thinks there are some people who doesn’t know anything about so I give some brief news about this,

First, Ned Scott the owner of Steemit inc sold it to Justin sun.

Second, Justin makes statements like he will migrate all steem daps to tron token swap and many more worries things about this acquisition

Third , witnesses are worried about this acquisition so they proposed soft fork which temporarily freezes the accounts of Steemit inc ,

Forth , Justin tried to takeover steem with binance and huobi by standing shock puppets in witnesses

Fifth ,community stands strong exchanges removed there vote and Justin started buying more steem to promote there shock puppets.

Sixth , community is now over with this drama as one of lead witnesses and an steem exchange @blocktrade announced new chain.

the new chain

To understand this read you should read the post by @blocktrade link after reading this post you may have some idea about what I am talking about and it is the killer of steem as this post is mentioned but there are concerns about this chain in the community every big player on steem is promoting this and I think this is going to happen soon.

my thoughts about this

I do thinks there are so many bad things in steem and if this new chain try to solve all of this then I may support this post in first point of view I am in fever of this new chain but there are some concern in my mind like after it is successful then it’s for sure that steem is going to die and if the new chain is failed to it promises then it is also failed sooner or later.

What are your thoughts on this let me know in comments

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Dear @sumit1998

It could be that you're right. On the other hand - imagine yourself in Justin shoes.

From very first day he witness huge amount of abuses, insults and hostile posts and comments. He then has been provoked with soft fork. And probably quickly realized that he purchased company/project with very hostile community.

Regardless who started conflict, it is obvious that right now witnesses are giving him a favour. They all moving away from steem. Problem is being slowly solved for Justin.

Whatever plans he could have - he couldn't proceed with any of them because of resistance to all his actions that has been very strong here. Now only those who chose steem or being present on both chains will stay.

Perfect solution. At least for him.

Yours, Piotr


Yes, I agree with you

Well, I believe that Stern will never die, what if he is at risk is Steemit (the platform).
And I think that for now both will exist, the problem with this is that it will cause a division, as happened with Weku, that many people went there and ended up being less active. But Steemit is different, because steem has been on the exchanges for many years and really if I disappeared steemit.com, other sites like steempeak.com, busy.org, etc; they will continue to work with steem, so this means that we can continue to generate our content using any of those portals; And I think that is what is going to keep the community alive.


As of now I think steempeak is supporting this and I am hoping what Justin is trying to do other web fronts will same and will go to hive it’s all the possibilities the truth will be seen in future

Greetings friend @sumit1998.

Thank you for the summary of events.

As you already found out, the new Blockchain was created.
I hope it will be a success!

Your friend, Juan.

Steem isn't gonna die, steem has just began rising. I think we just need to be patient and observe what Justin and the team has for us in the integration of steem and hive. I'm quite sure he won't want steem dead just like many other people maybe claiming.

Third , witnesses are worried about this acquisition so they proposed soft fork which temporarily freezes the accounts of Steemit inc ,

Some witness are really worried about themselves making it look like they are worried because of steem blockchain. Some are actually just too greedy wanting to earn more without considering the community. There is actually more to this though and I suggest you make more research about it.

Thanks for your lovely comment with love from @hardaeborla ❤️💕❤️


I do think this that steem is going to survive

I hope steem does not go into extinction.


It will definitely not but if we see huge community shift to hive them there will be price slump in steem

I predict both will coexist together!


Yeah that’s what I think


But for a finite period.