Steemit is down and Justin doesn’t care about it !!!!

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Recently I have shared a post about steem after launch of hive looks like steem is going to die and this post is now becoming reality as Steemit is facing down time I don’t know from how many hour but I checked at 5 pm IST it’s not working and after that I checked few times like at 6pm ,7,8 it’s not working and now it’s on


it’s look like Steemit team (oh sorry there is no team ) after complete hi jack of steem by Justin looks like tron team trying to understand the steem but not getting any idea about it.
The downtime of steem blockchain is increasing day by day because few inexperienced people are trying to fly a plane and you know what’s going to happen in my opinion when they start learning how to operate the blockchain then till that time the I think damage has done.

Iook at the uptime of steem blockchain which is downing day by day


If the situation not taken under control fastly then it is confirmed that steem will die making of an rapid action team for the current steem situation is only great option Justin has if he doesn’t follow this it will be bad for steem.

What are your thoughts about this downtime Steemit recently faced shared your point of view about this.

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Hi @sumit1998

Steemit is down, for a very short time.

We will have to face more falls from the platform as Justin and his team are fine-tuning the changes that are coming.

I am glad to see you publishing in the community of our project.

What possible reason could Justin Sun have to spend some 10 million dollars just to let Steemit die? Now maybe he hates Steemit or maybe Steemit as it was, was blocking some project of his and a dead Steemit is good for him, I doubt that. As for not having a team we do have to get used to the idea he can damn well hire a top rated team if he wants to.

I think the fall did not last long, but it is a bad thing for the brand image that more falls are taking place since the change of management.


Right dear