Top 3 Technology Trends of 2020

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Technology simply means the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes in day to day lives. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace and over the years we have seen our lives change dramatically with its advent. A few years ago, the internet was known to a few and no one would have thought that the internet will become an essential part of our lives. There are some technologies, however, that become obsolete with time such as 2G, 3G but those technologies are always replaced by better ones.

Let's look at some of the trending technologies of 2020:

1. Artificial Intelligence


AI has been here for a few years and it has been creating a lot of buzz throughout the world. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science that is built to perform tasks otherwise performed by humans in a faster and much more efficient way. Machines are programmed to think, act, and perform tasks like humans such as recognition of patterns, images, and decision-making ability. They do it at a much faster rate thereby eliminating the need of humans.

Other branches of AI have evolved which include Machine Learning and Deep Learning and these technologies are also making a huge impact. Today, more than 80% of Americans use AI in their day to day lives in one way or the other. There are plenty of smartphone applications that use AI like, streaming applications, navigation, smartphone assistant and we make use of them almost every single day.

AI is yet to see its true potential achieved but it continues to evolve at a rapid pace and the day isn't far when the whole population of the world will be using AI.

2. Blockchain


Many people think of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum when they hear the name, Blockchain but Blockchain is much more than that. Blockchain can be defined as a decentralized and distributed digital public ledger that is used to store the record of transactions ensuring transparency and security. You can not corrupt the data or delete it, it will always be stored in the blockchain. Mostly, the blockchains are consensus-driven and therefore there is no single entity to take control of the whole chain.

Blockchain was introduced by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 and since then there has been a creation of many blockchains throughout the world. People have now begun to realize the true potential of blockchain but mass adoption is still a problem. However, within a few years, Blockchain technology will be known to almost everyone and that's when its true potential can be achieved.

3.Internet of Things


Internet of Things to IoT can be defined as a network of devices with an ability to transfer and receive data over that network without the requirement of humans. These devices are equipped with unique identifiers, which help in communication. We have already seen the applications of IoT in many home appliances and even our cars as well. These devices use embedded systems like processors that allow communication through the web.

IoT finds applications in various fields such as healthcare, developing smart cities, industries, and many more. However, IoT is still in its infancy but with time it will gain traction and it will be used more widely.

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I agree with you regarding these technological trends.
But I could also add a detail: both AI and IoT can be supported and powered by Blockchain technology.

The applicability of Blockchain technology has been amply demonstrated in any field of technology as well as in aspects of human daily life.
For this reason we can find so many startups that develop on a blockchain: from cooperatives for agricultural producers to masternodes that support Deeplearning and Bigdata.

IoT can be especially supported by blockchain since its distributed nature is perfectly suited for the negotiations that all interconnected devices from different manufacturers must do. Especially because of the interoperability between platforms, which is one of the greatest advances in this technology.

@syedumair yes i agree with you , the are making huge progress in every field of work.

and the day isn't far when the whole population of the world will be using AI.

I tell you sincerely,very soon AI inventions will take over the whole system.


It is the future.

The three main trends are great, but as always the one that will make the difference in the future of our world is AI.


AI is the best invention of this century probably and once its real potential is achieved, our lives will changed dramatically.

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Great bro.