Telegram: The most downloaded app in the world!

Telegram is currently the most downloaded app in the world on the Google Play Store. It is now the most preferred instant messaging app for Indians. Among the countries where telegrams were installed, India was 24 percent and Indonesia at 10 percent. The interesting thing is that whenever there is a data breach scandal in an app competing with Telegram, the number of Telegram users is increasing due to its privacy and security features.

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What is a telegram?

Telegram Messenger is an open-source multi-platform instant messaging app, founded in late 2013 by Russian entrepreneur Pavel Durov. The app creator said that no ads will be published in the app or sold to any organization. If money is ever needed to run the app, users will be asked for a grant. The security of the app has been strengthened so much.

Telegram: Why is this the best messenger app?

Message Editing

You can edit any message sent to anyone. If there is any mistake in any message you send, you can easily edit and correct the message again after sending it and the corrected message will show on the receiver's chat screen.

‘Last seen’ matters

However, since Telegram is a privacy and security focused app, here you can hide your active status, that is, when you are online and when you are offline. Again, if you want, you can hide your online status from a select few.


You can add some extra features to the telegram group that you won't find on other platforms. For example, user verification, public notes and group bots to automate various tasks.

In summarize, Telegram has following nice features to be unique messenger app.

  1. Private: message on telegram is widely encrypted.

  2. Cloud-based: Being cloud-based, you can use Telegram through many devices. Notable among them are Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac. You can even use the Web.

  3. Fast: Telegram can exchange messages faster than other applications.

  4. Distributed: Telegram servers are worldwide for security and speed.

  5. Open: Telegram has open API and Protocol which is free for everyone.

  6. Free: Telegram is free forever. There is no advertising or subscription fee.

  7. Secure: Telegram protects your messages from hackers.

  8. Powerful: You can send any size of media and documents (any type) in Telegram. (Up to 1.5 GB)

  9. Secret chat: A very useful thing. The message that is exchanged in the secret chat is not visible to anyone except the sender and the recipient.

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Hello @team007
Telegram is saver and faster than other apps, has numerous options that are unique on it and it is comfortable to use, so I hope that people watch its potencial and change their Messaging Services to this app. Thanks you for sharing it and make us know its useful options and why everyone should use it.