Opportunity to invest in good cryptocurrency project has presented itself: Remembers the rules, always invest spare cash

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I remembered that there was a certain time that I was letting people knows that there is no way that cryptocurrency will drop up to this level. This was holding to the fact that I so much believe in cryptocurrency. Mind you, I knows for sure that cryptocurrency is like mirage, there is every tendency that what so every thing that you are doing here i.e I mean whatsoever thing that you are doing in this ecosystem, you should make sure that you always invest what you can afford to loose no matter how promising that cryptocurrency project looks. I must admit that I have learnt a lot when it comes to Blockchain and cryptocurrency. The truth is that if you are not careful enough in this ecosystem, you will always learnt the hard way. This is why whatsoever thing and risk you are taking in the cryptocurrency ecosystem you should applies wisdom. Knows that wether the project is looking so promising, you should endeavor to make sure that you surely applies wisdom. If you can follows this you will be save to an extent. Let this stick to your head all the time and also through out your cryptocurrency journey.

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If you might asked me the reason I said that there is no way that cryptocurrency will fall drastically up to this level is simply because I have noticed that over four (4) years, many people, institutions, countries etc, have embraced cryptocurrency. With this singular act I was tempted to believe that cryptocurrency no matter how it seems, no matter how thick and thin and above all no matter what it has gone through, it will never gone done to this extent. Well, despite all my believe in it I was surprised to see that it beat my surprise that my believe failed me. The otherwise happened as I learnt that it went done to a stage I never believed it could have gone to. Now it was a negative attainment. I learnt that it done the unexpected as no one was expecting what it hit. This was really bad I must confess. I Just don't know how to describe this bad state but despite all that happened my advice for everybody is that we should just keep hope alive and keep pushing.

The moment this dropped happened my mind flashed back to what happened in 2017. How the dump and beer lasted for years. The reason I believed this won't take that long is 2022 was simply because we have gone mainstream compared to back then. Just like what I hinted above we can see that we now have more countries, institutions and other great movement who have embraced us than back then when we were struggling to meet up and build a formidable force. I have always introduced people to cryptocurrency because I believe it is the future and I won't discourage you for keying into something that will change your life for the very best tomorrow. I have always pitied those that are not into cryptocurrency because I felt that they are playing with their future. Seating on the fence is definitely not the best route to take when trying to be financially free or stable. Wether lost or gain in terms of fund, since it is the future, they are more thing to gain and it will be better you key into it.

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Despite all that I have said above, you should learn one thing and let this stick to your head. Once again it is never a financial advise and whatever decision that you make you shall be held for it. If you make gain it is for your pocket and if you eventually makes otherwise, it is bound for you to bear it yourself. Before you key into cryptocurrency project, I will advise you to make sure that you have this running through out your mind being any day any night. This will helped you to scale positively in the cryptocurrency world. Now that almost all good cryptocurrency project are suffering, it is now left for you to key into them by buying their token just like the way that I have hinted through my conclusion part below. This is one of the best perfect risk to take, this is the perfect risk that you have been waiting for.


Irrespective of everything that is happening when it comes to cryptocurrency you should bear it in mind or note that this is an avenue for you to take that chance. Just like what I hinted above you should knows that whatsoever decisions that you are making when it comes to cryptocurrency you will surely be held for it. Nobody will be held accountable for the loss or gain you make. Please endeavour to knows this. With this, you will have rest of mind. As I was saying this is an avenue to study that very good cryptocurrency project and take the opportunity that it presents. Most great project coin has dumped more than 10-60%, this is an avenue for you to take opportunity by investing in it. When things eventually rises you might see your life changing for good.

           signed out
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  • If you love my post, feel free to comment and also support me, it will help to get me motivated. Remain bless as you read the post. Thanks

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hello @tfame3865,
For all the people who have been in the cryptocurrency world since 2016 and witnessed the price drop in 2017 we know that markets have cycles, i.e. this market correction is not something that is new and it is not something that will only happen once, as time goes by bitcoin will rise to record levels and then fall again to historic lows.

Hello @tfame3865, If it is a good time to buy some cryptos but with money that we will not use or money that we would not mind losing, we should only think a little about which cryptos that are now at a low price should be bought?

That's right my friend, the first law that should govern in this type of investment is to risk only the capital that we are willing to lose, many of us were taken by surprise by this sharp fall, but that's how this market is, it's time to hold on, find opportunities, and look for profits when the market recovers.

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A lot of people are still afraid of investing in the crypto space recently and these are the set of people that will certainly regret of losing out on the opportunity

You are compeltly right. Only invest money that you can afford to lose. Other than that I would just DCA into the projects I think will be great in the future. Bitcoin is for sure one of them :)

Start looking for good crypto projects now, save up cash and wait until central banks stop tightening rates (12-18 months from now)...then buy the best in breed :)

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