What I usually do during the bear market


Although, I am used to bear market already as I have experienced bear market that lasted for years. During the time it happened I was still a newbie. As at that time with the newbie mentality I was thinking that cryptocurrency will never dip. In fact I thought that dip wasn't part of the plan so I was really happy that I have come across a system that will keeps favouring me. I was shocked when the unexpected happened, the dip affected me so badly to the extended that I became so frustrated deep along the line. The saving grace was that I was earning decent amount of my money from my post before the issues arise.

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One thing that I have to say is that irrespective of what the cryptocurrency market is, there is something that can be made from it. Don't just look at the market and felt bad that you can't do anything with it since we are in the bear season, just like what I said above, there is opportunities in everything that involves cryptocurrency. Many people are always happy with the bear market. This is simply because they knows what to do during the bear market to get positive result. As for me, below are some certain things that I love to do during the bear market, they include;

  • Buying of token; Just like what I said, the bear season is an added opportunity for us to get things right. One of the thing that I love doing during the bear market is to buy into good cryptocurrency project that did well during the bull era. Aside selling, during the bull era one thing that I love to do is to make sure that I studied different project and once I see that they did well during the bull period, I will take the risk to buy such token when there is bear market and it dumps, I knows that if there is another bull run, the percentage of it doing well is 70%.



  • Blogging; If you are into those blog and earn platform, there is every tendency that during the bear market or during the dip the reward from post are high compared to during the bull. To earn coins during the dip is very easier than during the dip. So it is advisable to blog alot during the dip so you can earn more token than during the bull run.

  • Searching for new cryptocurrency project: Remember the popular saying that says that information is power. With this all I do with my free time is to make sure that I research about upcoming cryptocurrency project and what they have to offer. If from my findings I found out that they are good cryptocurrency project I can now decide to give it a try.

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  • Airdrop hunting: The story of cryptocurrency is not that complete if you takes airdrop from it. Many people today are super rich simply because they did one or two airdrop that later changed their life. I know how airdrop has played positive role in my life and I am proud of it from all angles. There is that goosebumps that I have anytime that I talked about airdrop. It has really been the saving grace when it comes to the life of so many people that are into cryptocurrency.


Without deliberating much, the above are the little things I do once there is bear or dip in the cryptocurrency market. I will love to hear from your angle what you love to do during the bear market.

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  • If you love my post, feel free to comment and also support me, it will help to get me motivated. Remain bless as you read the post. Thanks

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hello @tfame3865,
I share with you the ideas exposed in this article when the market is down it is time to capitalize usually what I like to do is buy more chips that I will sell when the market is up, this market correction was necessary for now we do not know how long it will take this market down but it will be an excellent opportunity to take advantage of all projects that are at very low prices.

Hello @tfame3865, with your article it is clear many strategies of interest that can be implemented in a bear market. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us which are certainly very educational.

See you later, have a great weekend.

These were great advise and really motivating! :)
Do you have any suggestion where th ebest airdrops can be dropped? (maybe apart from Cosmos?)

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A bear market is a good time for learning about the fundamental of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology away from the noise of a bull. It is also a good time to find a non-crypto job that can improve your financial situation as a whole

Thanks for sharing :)

As always, your posts are educational and inspirational. Very good recommendations.Which airdrop hunter do you use? I have never got one that convinces me. And how to become an airdrop expert, is there any secret?

Thanks for such a great post.

Interesting to see how you play out and take good advantage of the bear market its certain life present opportunity in every situation so getting hold of these opportunity when it present itself is what matters sure you have listed important things one can do during bear market very good point shared thanks much.

Hello mate!

Your post is really helpful, I have never thought of looking for new cryptocurrencies projects during bear markets or even start looking for airdrops, those 2 things are actually really amazing and could be life changing whenever the bull market is there.

That's really so smart and helpful, thanks for sharing!

Dear @tfame3865

It has been few days since you published this article, so I'm not sure if you're still going to read any new comments. Let's see :)

Thanks for sharing your experience with ways you handle such a difficult and challenging times.

It seem to me, that most people during bear market will simply ... live in fear and eventually sell most of their porfolio. Or they ignore the market altogether to avoid being frustrated.

I personaly see bear market as a time, when I can learm more about projects (since I'm not as busy trading) and when I can accumulate some of the tokens I want to hold in my porfolio. LONG TERM.

So I see bear markets as time to progress. And as a great challenge to my patience and nerves :)

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @tfame3865.

In the bear markets, in my experience I have only lived this one, and I lived a bull market, in the bear market what I have been told is that I must accumulate the tokens that I manage to generate and buy more tokens that we can accumulate and over time generate a lot of profits with the tokens minted.