Covid-19 situation is not satisfactory in Pakistan

5개월 전


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Corona situation in Pakistan is going bad and the number of cases and deaths were increasing day by day. It is not good because the cases should be decreasing as the time is going and the number of cases are increasing and last day there are 913 new cases and 31 deaths in Pakistan. We should have increase more care and we should follow the WHO rules and instructions for the safety measures to counter the deadly virus of covid-19. It is a great destruction of the world economy and country like Pakistan can not afford this situation. It will be very difficult to survive but one good hope is there in Pakistan because Pakistan is agricultural and we can feed our nation as well as the other nations also, if we work hard for the humanity and with more passion in agriculture.

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Covid-19 is not taking it easy on any country for now, it is good your country has the capacity to feed itself and other countries since food is the paramount thing this period.

Ensure to stay strong friend.

There are so many regrets concerning covid-19 already, some countries wish borders had been closed earlier, some wish they had initiated lock down earlier, the death race is increasing all the time and people are getting more scared.