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Too many DeFi projects bothering you?

Too much of anything can be bad so too many DeFi projects can be confusing and finding the best project to invest can be daunting for many investors.

With this intent the "Yearn Land a DeFi based project is being launched as a DeFi yield aggregator" is being launched.

DeFi has been the space where the rewards are in proportion of the stakes one puts in. More money invested can lead to a larger share of the rewards pool. The big investors are referred to as Whales or the big fish and they provide a large share of liquidity and reap the bigger share of the rewards from the DeFi pool.

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The small investors are left fending for themselves finding high rewarding opportunities.
Off late there has been a shift and the DeFi platforms are getting more and more investor centric and one such entrant in the DeFi space is yLand finance.

The yLand Ecosystem

The yLand Ecosystem or Engine would strive to be a community driven environment where every community member and investor would be given importance irrespective of their investment size.

The primary purpose of this platform is to ensure that during the lending process the contract engagement performs a re-balancing to ensure the maximum yield.

From the lending providers point of view the Yearn Land makes benefit swapping. In this process funds are automatically shifted between dydx, Aave and Compound.

When DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, sUSD, or wBTC are to be invested a software algorithm transfers the coins between various lending protocols that run on the Ethereum blockchain namely AAVE, dYdX and Compound.
The purpose of this transferring of funds is to attain the maximum return on investment.
So a lot of attention to detail is given to
YFarm : This distributes the user funds across protocols for maximum return.

AMM The automatic Market Maker

The AMM would be incorporated with the purpose of executing this fund distribution.
This distribution would be done through the AMM to ensure the most profitable return.
Apart from YFarm the ecosystem can be seen as having a couple of other specialized DeFi products.
To understand how yland finance operates it can be seen as an environment
that would have a couple of specially designed financial components or products namely.

  • yVaults

yValults would use farming robots to maximise the yields for those who invest in the yVaults at the same time they would be designed
to minimize the investment risk.

  • YFarm

This as already mentioned above focuses on maximizing the yields for the investors.

  • YZap

This imparts the users the freedom of 2 way bidirectional exchange of interest bearing tokens using yZap.
YZap ensures a smooth friction less swap between coins.

  • YCover

yCover is a non KYC pooled insurance coverage. It is designed by Nexus Mutual.
There are three components that make up the yCover (A bit of technical mumbo jumbo)
Vaults Insurer: This contains those assets that are used to insure claimants.
Insured Vaults: This contain s those assets that are required to be insured as per the wish of the insurer.
The claim governance : carries out the arbitration process of the insurance process.

Yland tokenomics

Total Supply: 40,000 yLand
Circulating Supply: 27,000 yLand + Staking & Farming Rewards
Staking & Farming Rewards: 10,000 yLand
Pre-sale Supply: 20,000 yLand
Uniswap yLand Liquidity: 7,000 yLand
Uniswap ETH Liquidity: 380 ETH
Liquidity Locked: via Unicrypt
Development: 5%
Team: 3%
Marketing: 2%

For more info please refer the following links

Official Website:
Telegram Channel:
Telegram Group:

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That would imply the amount to invest? of course, the more the investment, the more the rewards will be perceived, and to have a guarantee of that platform where we are guaranteed a maximum return. Greetings friend and thank you for