Which Blockchain Persona are you?

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You are reading this post on a Social media platform that is a blockchain driven social media forum. For a lot of people it is a place where you share and exchange ideas.

Let us earn for expressing our views

This platform lets you earn by way of up votes received by audiences who view, read your post and up vote.

Some times they react not just by way of a vote but also comment and share your post.
If they like your writing style they may decide to follow your account.

People are the strength of the platform

A platform like this thrives on content creation as well as the engagement and

interaction between its members.

Various People various types

Different people come to this platform with different intentions.
Some are here to share their knowledge by way posting content that they create, some consume that content.

However based upon how they consume content and how they conduct
themselves on a platform like this they can be broadly classified into various categories. Are you keen to know in which category you fall?

So read on and try to understand with the help of this story

Once up on a time

There lived a king who was famous for being a great appreciator of art, artists and benefactor of all art forms and creativity.

He had a wise council of ministers in his court who helped him in affairs of administration.

One day an artist came to the court and brought with him 3 identical statues.
He wanted to know the value of each statue.

The king asked his ministers to examine the statues and arrive at a value for each statue.

They checked the weight and found the weigh to be exactly the same.
They even got the dimensions measured however even they were identical.
The artist being quite skilled in his field had created perfect replicas or so it appeared to the ministers.

When almost all the ministers gave up after not being able to find any difference the Wisest of them all got up from his seat to have a closer look at the statues.

He too examined the statues and found them to be remarkably similar.
So he ordered a tub of water to be brought in and immersed the statues one by one into the water.

He noticed some bubbles coming out from the ear of each statue and this made him take a closer look.

He took out the statues out of the water and got them dried.
Next tilting the statue on one side he poured water through one of the ears of the statue.
The water which went from one ear and came out of the other ear.
He marked this statue as A
For the next statue When he poured the water through the hole in the ear it came out of its mouth and he marked it as Statue B

For the third statue when he pored the water into the ear it did not come out he marked it as Statue C

He declared the value of statue A as one copper coin
The value of statue B as one Silver coin and
The value of statue C as 100 gold coins

Everyone in the court room was perplexed at this valuation and wanted to know the explanation for the valuation.

He explained as follows
For statue A water went from one ear and came out of the other this represents a person who listens from one ear and it exits from the other ear. This way he is not benefited from the knowledge in any way.
Statue B is like a person who takes in knowledge from one ear and simply speaks it. He does not learn from it but as he speaks some one else may learn from it.
So it makes statue B more valuable than Statue A.

The king and the ministers were keen to know why the third statue became so valuable.
The answer to this was as follows.
The third statue that is statue C is like a person who listens in assimilates and learns from the knowledge and it reaches his mind and stimulates it.
Since he uses and learns in the process he becomes more knowledgeable.
His enhanced knowledge increases his value.

Now if we were to see this story in the context of this platform then most would agree that this platform is like a sea of knowledge with so much to learn.

The process of learning is about interaction

It is human nature to be curious and ask questions and interact. It is a quality of liveliness intelligence and growth.
However there are people who simply browse through the content but have no interaction with the content.
No up votes no comments and no interaction. As a result their account also does not grow.
Statue B : Water goes in from Ear and comes out of the mouth.
These are the kind of people who would perhaps talk about a post they had read and then move on.
A little interaction here and there however they do not make their presence felt by way of voting commenting asking question so they miss out on an important learning and earning experience.
As they go through so much content so rapidly that what they see and read may not even register.
They are inundating themselves with so much information overload that they may even forget about what they have learnt.

In summary they do not engage and do not reap the full rewards.
As we normally forget a lot of what we learn at a fast pace.

Statue C: Type C people:These are the kind of people who learn from what they read, see and listen.

Effective Learning

For learning to be effective it has to be a two way street. Our attention span is such that in case we find something boring we drift.
If we find something interesting we learn it easily and stay on the topic longer.
So if we interact with a post by way of up voting it , sharing it , asking the author or congratulating him about what a good content he / she has created

This way we are not only learning faster but also learning more.

We are adding value to our account and to the blockchain

Interaction and engagement is the currency that adds value to your account and to the blockchain.

It is not just about educational posts

The idea of interaction or engagement is not limited to just about content heavy or educational posts. This holds true for all content.

What do the type C people achieve

  • They learn : Not just knowledge but also about life experiences
  • They make their accounts grow : The nature of platform is such that by way of engaging with authors and audiences you are able to get some viewership that translates into up votes for your account.
  • Without engagement your content disappears in a sea of other posts.

The purpose of being on this platform

Either you are here for the money or for learning and engaging with people.
If you can take care of the engagement part the money part would begin to fall into place.

If you are wondering who to interact and learn from?

It all depends upon your interests. If you have a particular interest or hobby you can explore the various communities and tribes or groups present.
These are free to join and gives you access to a lot of content that you are interested in and once you have found something of interest it becomes relatively easier to follow authors who write interesting content and build interactions with them.

If you are here for the earning

Perhaps you should focus in interaction as well as content writing.
This is specially true if you have a new account with limited voting power and resources.
Either way building engagements is the best way to learn grow and earn more on this platform.

So what type of person are you on this platform?

I personally am trying to be a type C person trying to interact with my audiences and follow and interact with authors that I find interesting.

Let us build engagement and build our accounts & knowledge

We can do so by

  • Following Authors who write interesting content
  • Up Voting their posts
  • Sharing their post on social media, twitter, fb etc
  • Reblogging their post on Hive, steem etc
  • Leaving an comment and starting a dialog.

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yes,definitely interacting and create strong ties is the basis of all good communication and being a person valuable to the community.

Very inspiring read I congratulated you.


Thank you my friend @reinaldoverdu for your kind words
Your presence and sharing your views means a lot

Hello @thetimetravelerz
This is a pretty long post, but it's worth reading. That story you're sharing is great. It illustrates some important aspects of some people that undoubtedly are characteristics that will allow them to advance or not, not only on this platform but in any other area of life.
Thanks for sharing this great post.


Yes @josevas217 I realized it ended up being a pretty long post.
Perhaps I just went with the flow of thoughts.I thank you for taking the time to read such a long post.
Actually we live in the times when we prefer everything in short yet you took the time to not only read my pretty long post but also took the time to share your view
that means a lot
Thanks my friend


It usually happens to me, before I made publications of not 5000-7000 characters, and even more, there were those who read it, but many did not. So I decided to make it about 2000-3000 characters. And it's not always easy, because as you say, ideas flow and you end up getting carried away. But, in this case, what you share is very good, and instructive. To shorten it, I don't know, I think it would lose essence, so don't worry, the path of knowledge is not short, and if someone wants to keep the good message you share, they must read, you can't always make everything so easy.

Again, excellent post friend @thetimetravelerz


Thanks for your advice @josevas217
I am sure I could use some of your wisdom to keep my readers happy and coming back to my posts ;)

Hello friend, this publication caught me, a very pleasant writing and apart from that the very didactic way of transmitting what you want through a comparison based on a story, I congratulate you for that great ability.

On the other hand, I agree with you that we should be like the C statue where we learn because we read other users' publications and interact to strengthen relationships and knowledge, this creates a firm foundation on the platform.

See you later, we continue in communication! 👍


Hello @amestyj thanks for your kind words
I am glad you liked my writing style.
Thoughts can me complex and difficult to express so I try to reach out to my viewers and try to create a dialog.
This writing style is attempt to do just that
I am glad you found my post worthy of reading, commenting and sharing your views.
Thanks my friend @amestyj


Thanks for the curation @alokkumar121

Dear @thetimetravelerz

Very unique choice of topic. You got me curious from the very start :)

People are the strength of the platform

Indeed. And people are also biggest weekness of the platform. Some are bringing value and others are trying to abuse it. Well, lets keep reeding ...

I quite enjoyed reading your short story :) I think that this artist had some solid balls to come with similar request to his own king :)

Yours, Piotr


Dear @crypto.piotr
I am so glad you could finally get time to read my post. I understand how busy you are these days and work would only increase with time.
So this is really commendable to take time out and read my post.
I am really glad I could make you curious with the title of my post.
Glad you enjoyed the story. Maybe my posts can give some relaxation from your busy schedule buddy :)

Indeed. And people are also biggest weekness of the platform. Some are bringing value and others are trying to abuse it.

I certainly hope I belong to the category of people who bring value to the platform.
At least that is my attempt.
Yours, Alok