Without a vision, you will not get success - Arnold Schwarzenegger

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There are some fantastic inspirational videos available on YouTube and other platforms, and recently, I was recommended the following speech by Arnold Schwarzenegger. My first suggestion is that you check it out yourself. It is way better than any article I might ever write, but if you don't want to check it out, please keep on reading!

In the video, Arnold is sharing his story. How did he become such a successful bodybuilder (a world champion at the age of 20), who later turned into a world-famous actor, and later became the governor of California in the United States! He would have gone for president as well, but since he was born in Austria, that couldn't be done.

He found someone to look up to and to follow!

Arnold saw a magazine portraying the most famous body-builder in the world when he was a kid. He got a goal, he got a vision. He wanted to become like the person. He worked out 5-6 hours a day to reach his goals... because he was shooting for a goal!

Everything he did, every exercise was a part of making his goals turn into reality. It made him happy, even when he was tired after doing 1000 sit-ups and more. At the age of 20, he won the world championship for body-builders!

Visualizing your goal makes it fun to exercise!

Your liability becomes your strength!

Can you imagine a movie star looking like a crazy body-builder? Many people said the body would stop Arnold Schwarzenegger from turning into a big and famous actor. He had roles in smaller movies, but got a giant breakthrough with his role as Conan the Barbarian. After the movie, the director said that they especially needed the body of Arnold for this to work. If he wouldn't have been there, they would have to create such a body!

Arnold even went to a school in the United States to get rid of his accent. But, do you know what? If it wasn't for his liability (his accent), he would never have turned into the Terminator that so many people love in the world today.

In other words, if you have qualities that you hate about yourself and feel as they are your weaknesses. Trust that it can be turned to good and that you will be able to use them for good!

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Even if people say no, don't listen to them. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. You need to have a goal and a vision, and then work hard to get there! And even if people go against you and say that it will be impossible because of your look or your accent (like with Arnold), think about what he achieved in his movie career BECAUSE of his look and his accent!

Haven't you watched the clip yet?

It is ten minutes... go ahead and watch it. If you want to grow, you need to invest in your own life and your own growth. To grow, you need to feed whatever you want to grow. So, if you want to grow in your own life, you need to feed your soul, your spirit, your inner man! This can be done by reading books, listening to people that you look up to and that you can learn from, and by watching fantastic clips such as this one on YouTube!

I hope you have enjoyed it and that you feel encouraged. I for sure do!

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Dear @unbiasedwriter

It was real pleasure to watch this video. I must admit, that initially seeing Arnold giving motivational speach didn't make me very interested. As I didn't expect to be impressed.
How much I was wrong....

I've seen number of similar videos in the past, and this one is definetly one of the best I ever came accross. It underline importance of having vision and setting up goals, which would be aligned with our vision.

Something, I believe is very important for those of us, who want to achieve some goals in our lifes. Absolutely worth my time.

Have a great weekend, post resteemed and upvoted.
Yours, Piotr


I really liked it. He is a great person and have a magnificent personality.


Really glad to read your comment, and totally agree with you, a fantastic video and really inspiration! I hope many people will be encouraged and take heed to the words of Arnold as seen in the clip!

How are you, hero?
Do you agree that we always support each other?
promise you know the system here powers only better than the weak unfortunately


what are you trying to say @lfgiaa?


I guess we all ask that question :)

This is nice publication, I get very emotional after watching, these type of videos. These types of people are real superstars, real hero. We have to choose a right path, and we have to do hard work for our goal. If we couldn't got our goal, then we have to move on.

I can clearly identify with what Arnold says, if you have a goal in your mind and your heart, you can achieve it and it is only a matter of wanting it so much that nobody will be able to stop you, the biggest obstacle is not believing in yourself, your weaknesses are your greatest strengths, just take advantage of it, you know how to use it to your advantage, but you should always keep in mind "Do well and don't look at whom"

I said that I identified with Arnold's words because many years ago I decided to be an engineer against all odds and I succeeded in a country as "particular" as Venezuela, then I wanted to be a professor at my university, many factors against but I succeeded, in Another personal area, one day I said to myself, I want to be a bodybuilder like Arnodl or JCVan Damme and I started training with love and passion also against all odds, I don't have the voluminous muscles of these guys, obviously because I'm a girl, but I got to know my own forces and limits, I understood that only I have the power to advance and stop at the point where I want

Now ask yourself, what am I doing and what is stopping me? Break it, you have the argument and the answer to everything..!


Amazing comment @tocho2

thanks for sharing your thoughts with us on this particular topic


Truly fantastic to read your story, and I wish you all luck as an engineer, body builder, and whatever else you visualize for your future! :)


ohhh friend, what a beautiful words to me, thank you..!

In the video, Arnold is sharing his story. How did he become such a successful bodybuilder (a world champion at the age of 20), who later turned into a world-famous actor, and later became the governor of California in the United States!

This is really inspiring. people like me is limited to one role and even it is small role which is "blogger". But this man is really big inspiraion for everyone. He brilliantly done works as a bodybuilder, governer and actor.

Mentorship is great in every way, it is amazing to have someone who will guide us and direct us it makes the path more easy and convenient to tread.

Thanks for sharing this video. I have gone through the whole video. Its one of the best motivational videos i have ever seen. I have seen Stev Job's speech earlier. Its of that kind by arnold.

Vision and not listening to other's negative talks are really important.

Converting weakness into strength.. Wow.


hi @engrsayful

I have seen Stev Job's speech earlier. Its of that kind by arnold.

could you share link to that speech with us?

Yours, Piotr


Why not.

I hope you will like this one

It is definitely a good way to be committed to oneself, we must believe that if we can achieve what we have set goals should not be changed, it is possible that plans are changed but never the goals.

I always say everywhere. I always say everywhere, "The world is mine," and that is because I simply decided that my world is mine.

Law of life.


That is a good saying! The world is yours, meaning that you are in control, you decide what is going to happen, and you decide the outcome! Go for it!

Hello friend @unbiasedwriter, that is very true, stories like these inspire, we always need an example to follow, a model by which we strive to achieve our dreams.

Thanks for sharing...


True stories of succes can motivate us to do something better

Hello @unbiasedwriter.

Extraordinary article inspired by that great character that we all know and with whom we have shared several hours of our lives with his films, is an example to follow since in many opportunities we give up very quickly, since without a vision, there will be no success as you express very well in your title.

In many cases we possess characteristics or qualities that we believe prevent us from doing some things but it is necessary to understand that we can transform them in our favor as Arnold Schwarzenegger did, as clearly expressed:

In other words, if you have qualities that you hate about yourself and feel are your weaknesses, trust that you can become good and use them forever!

It was a pleasure to read and see this video of this great character that will surely inspire us all and understand that everything is possible if we want it and we have a vision that leads us to success.


Yeah, I really enjoyed that part of the video as well... the fact that what we believe are obstacles in our own lives that will hinder us from achieving our goals, are often those that will actually take us one step further and lead us to success. If we manage to look at our "weaknesses" in that way, I believe it can revolutionize our lives in many ways!

'seems impossible until done' -- well said!

Work more, cry less.
It's a very ordinary think.

Wow, this is really great motivational speech. I know Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger as a actor and politician but i did not know about his nice speech. I think it's a life changing motivation from m. body builder.

Thanks @crypto.piotr for his suggestion about this content.


I didn't know about him as such a great speaker as well before I watched this movie. but, he truly moved something on my inside as well with his words in this video, and I guess it is , because he has actually done what he is speaking about, and that gives him integrity!

It is really such a inspirational video from a person I thought only as a good actor. Amazing!

Sometimes we need a little encouragement from others to get the right push to start a new path in our life. And this video perhaps touches the right chords. We must focus on our goal and persevere to achieve it without being discouraged by the effort to face and all the no's that we receive along our path. It is certainly not easy. Excellent topic, my compliments.


thanks for dropping by @mikitaly

I didn't see you publishing within PH in a while. hope to see more of you in the future :)

Cheers, Piotr


Hi Piotr, it's true that I haven't written on PH community in a while.
I'm a bit taken by the new Italian community, we are trying to make it grow on Steemit as team of @italygame and we are starting to see some results, in fact @girolamomarotta is now Country Representative for Italy and it's a good start for our community.


I can only hope that you will post every now and then (even if only once or twice a month) in PH @mikitaly.

Let's stay in touch buddy :)
Yours, Piotr

Great inspiration in these tough times with the Pandemic and natural disasters. We need a vision for the future to believe. Enjoy Elon Musk and SpaceX going to Mars. And an international Moon Base to stage it from. Even though I'm not a rocket engineer it keeps me posting on here. Crypto Social Media seems a step in that direction.

Great motivational video , and the key points of success . Thanks for sharing i really enjoyed it ..

Hello friend, very good reflection, it is important to believe in us and always have a goal, not lose our horizon and of course ignore the opinions of others, especially destructive criticism. There will always be those who do not want you to succeed.

Just like Arnold, there are many who can be examples of our lives, I have always followed MJ "Michael Jordan" because he went forward despite being rejected several times by his coach to make the basketball team, I also mention our short field of Cleveland Indians Omar Vizquel who set the goal to get to MLB even though Pompey Davalillo said he would not serve for that position.

We will always get people who transcend in our lives and we take it as an example to move forward and achieve those goals, I am like a Gandhi "If you want to change the world, change yourself"

Good publication friend.


Reading the histories of successful people and learning from them will always come up as encouraging and inspiring to all of us... That is why reading biographies and more is one of the best way of growing and learning, at least i believe it to be so :)


dear @adeljose

I have always followed MJ "Michael Jordan" because he went forward despite being rejected several times by his coach to make the basketball team

seriously? i never knew about it.

Outstanding post and video @unbiasedwriter. Really enjoyed it!


Glad to hear that... thanks for dropping by :)

I know him as Terminator but I don't know well enough to say anything about him or what he is done. But I think having your own goal + vision is very important for sure.

> go ahead and watch it. If you want to grow, you need to invest in your own life and your own growth.

Couldn't agree more :)

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Thank you so much for such a wonderful article sir..