AI-Powered Sports Camera - Taking Local Football to Global Stage

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With the way technology is seaping into diverse sectors of the economy, I see a future where human isolation would become the order of the day. Very creative and innovative people would stay remotely to make their living while adhoc and labour work would e relegated to nothingness.

Few weeks ago, one of my favourite Nigerian League team - Vandrezzer Football Club purchased 4 units of AI-powered VEO sports cameras which will assist in gathering scientific data for post-match/training analysis and improvement in players’ performance.

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The delivery of the equipment at the Club's home stadium in Ikot Ekpene, Southern Nigeria had been announced
weeks ago. Within the football space, Vandrezzer FC has singled itself out as a dynamic football club and is regularly upgrading her previews to set a technological pace for club football in Nigeria.

VEO, a Copenhagen-based company is involved in the production of AI-powered sports camera and I credited with the development of AI-powered cameras that only requires a complenting tripod and no manual aid to record a football match. The cameras have the capacity to record 180 degrees of the field in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second. The camera can record up to four hours of footage on a full charge.source

The AI camera costs about costs $1,500 and is simple to operate. Videos captured are stored in a cloud storage and may be able to tag players. VEO has sold the devices to more than 2,500 clubs across the globe including Academy and youth teams of Liverpool FC and Burnley FC from the UK. Over 100,000 hours of recording has been achieved so far.


With these development hitting the sports sector, post-covid sporting activity would begin to thrive with less human engagement. I see photographers and videographers and their crew getting to lose their menial except for those who can afford to setup, maintain and operate these emerging technologies.

On the positive perspective, local organizations and sports club would be able to showcase their skills to the world at large from their remote locations. This means the bottlenecks associated with the exposure of talents which currently plagues today's local sports industry would have been handled.

Let's hope for a better future.

All imaged drawn from VEO

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You know how to read this publication, it makes me think of other possibilities that this camera can be used one will be to be able to record the games so that later the images can be used to create video games.

moreover, they can catch more closely the fouls that a referee cannot see.


Yeah, there are positive sides around the development. Definitely, with such cameras in place, less work would be required by the referees in managing football.

AI is becoming really impressive and getting the heart of a lot of people coupled with the fact that people love cameras. I love the tech but i hope it was the club that bought it because if it was my country Nigeria government that bought this, then that price would be doctored "i didn't say anything ooo :)"


Hahaha, Vandrezzer is a private Football Club. However, the price was captured in the VEO company's website.

Hello dear @uyobong, thanks for sharing.

Friend, I see this as a great contribution to sport, devices like this based on artificial intelligence are increasingly present in any social area and will continue to take center stage after the pandemic.


Surely, things would be taking a "new" normal state different from the former and it will continue to scale to other sectors of the economy. It is important that we look into making the most of this times.

Thanks for stopping by.

@uyobong AI is taking the world eye again , and its the future technology, we cannot left behind.


Yeah really. We must brace up ourselves to adjust accordingly to our local peculiarities to make the most of these technological advancement.

Very interesting read, I also feel several other related machines will be created soon that will not only be used for sport but will be used for event coverage thereby eliminating the need for gradual videographers and camera men, the sooner we upgrade our skills in our chosen field, the better for us.