Artificial Intelligence in Authorship: Is Human Creativity Replaced?

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Hello friends and readers, it thrills me to bring this piece your way. It excites me at the pace technology is evolving by the day as humans are now learning to work smart and not hard. Machines are here with us to ease the drudgery associated with all manual human labour and activities. At the press of a knob or swipe of the finger, a building can be pull down with a multi-digit horsepower machine.

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The wake of the new millennium has braced itself with the need to replace all of human works with machine right from domestic chores to office work and the list continues. Before now, writing was meant to be a creative activity better done y "geniuses", but now, the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it's application in content creation would make everyone, "schooled or unschooled" to serve as writers.

While the AI application in content creation is a great innovation, I am worried about the future possibility of man's redundancy. This argument is based on the fact that humans would see no need to read and think before creating content. Do we say Technology has replaced creativity in humanity?


There are a chunk of platforms that are already leaveraing the AI technology ion writing such as ai-write. This is by no means a promotion of the platform, rather, for illustration purposes. On launching the ai-write website, it is boldly written that a unique text can e created with the AI writer and it's served in minutes. All that is required are keywords and an export source to deliver the output of the content generated.

The propositions in favour of AI in content creation are that the technology helps:

  • to save time that would have been given to research and content formulation;
  • to reword and rewrite existing contents;
  • to auto-blog using the text generation API;
  • to induce inspiration based on pre-programmed emotions.


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What is the future of humanity as AI technology tries to replicate human emotions as well as mimic human responses in very subjective contexts as creativity? Will there be need for schools and training anymore? What would be the fate of the rural poor especially in developing and underdeveloped nations who may not have accessed to be trained in these advancements?

I am yet to validate the extent to which the AI technology in writing can be accurate in referencing, citations while giving an in-genuine submissions especially in subjects that require remote experiences and knowledge.

What direction is human creativity headed? To accelerate or retard with these development? Let's discuss.

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@uyobong AI cannot replace the mind , we only created the AI. And we can create more then that.


SO are you not thinking that man's seat of creativity could become more redundant with AI systems writing for man?

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way :)

Dear @uyobong

Another interesting choice of topic. Surely it's very thrilling.

While the AI application in content creation is a great innovation, I am worried about the future possibility of man's redundancy

Those are very solid concerns. Content creation industry is already struggling with the fact, that most authors cannot really make almost any $$$. With AI entering this market, things may become even harder.

I've been wondering many times. What if I could get my hands on bot, which can analize my writting style and I would use it to build engagement with others.

Imagine if I could provide AI with list of 1000 accounts which I personally engage with (so AI would never drop any comment on those accounts) and I would ask AI to find list of all other accounts, which are posting about technology,economy,blockchain etc. And it would read their latest publications and dropped some valuable comment.

Those would be people, who never engaged with me before. Who do not know me. So receiving unique comment, just few sentences - it would bring attention to me. I could wake up early morning knowing, that while I slept - AI made another few thousands of comments. And that my reach and exposure is growing so rapidly.

So many ways to use similar tool. I know this future is coming and I'm wondering - how can we (content creators) protect ourselfs? Will we be wiped out by AIs? And how to use that technology to create leverage. Leverage, which will allow us to stay ahead of the game.

Good read. Upvote on the way! Catch :)
Yours, Piotr


Thanks @Crpto.Piotr for this thoughtful and detailed addition. It is true that there are limitless opportunities for us to unravel with AIs in place. We have the challenge of bracing ourselves for the development. However, we have to be concerned on how to school everyone around us to sync with this. A developing country like Nigeria will end up with a dichotomy when such technology begins to be common. The elite and all who have access to the technology would do better , while the rural poor would get poorer. I am still digging into research and would share outcomes in the future.


Dear @uyobong

Thanks for being always so reponsive. Have a great sunday ahead,
Yours, Piotr

I am happy that artificial intelligence is replacing human labour and making things a lot easier but I am more concerned about those kids in the village who do not have the opportunity to enjoy steady internet connection yet.