How Blockchain based Organizations can use Cryptocurrencies to Power Economies



Resonating with this post wasn't less rewarding as I have been brainstorming on the utility of cryptocurrency. We have seen that the tables are turning to the favour of Blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. More endearing is the need for blockchain-powered blogging which has become a cheaper way to invest and earn cryptocurrency.

While trying to reason with the author, I remember a football club in my locality that has been extraordinary in their management and diversification. From sports to energy systems, hospitality, health and high-technology. I wondered if a centralized system could do this, how much more would a blockchain based organization or cryprocurrency generating platform perform?


Vandrezzer Football Club is my choicest local football club in my State currently in the Nigerian National League (NNL) but with organizational and social performance that surpasses even our national teams. Each passing day, we wake to see tangible development and engagement with other sectors. I have been clamourong for their adoption of the @SPortstalksocial community on the steem before its move to the hive blockchain. I hope they join us soon.

Having such a team would be a booster to our blockchain with the wave they are moving and development surrounding the club. More amazing is their diversification of funding and funds.


Vandrezzer is also a solid name in the Energy sector and both sports and energy co-fund themselves. This is what should be expected of every sector. It is important not to cast one's eggs in one basket.

We can see the ravaging effect of Covid-19 on the Sports sector. Even the clamouring for resumption in July may not be successful as everyone is jealous to stay alive. It therefore becomes important that sports organizations seeks ways to diversify their income and expenditure for an all-round robust organization economy.

Cryptocurrency adoption and investments are still virgin for Sports organization and those who would adopt at this earlier stage would have the win. Likewise, it is important that crypto organisation begin to look out for ways to sponsor and build other non-crypto projects. In have a personal plans to integrate tokens earn by blogging onto the education and research fields..

There are great potentials with using cryptocurrencies to power real-time projects that engage humanity on a everyday basis. People would trust more on cryptocurrencies, if they shifted from the virtual environment and begin to impact humans through agriculture, sports, transportation, renewable energy, education, entertainment and lots more.

Imagine #steem hosting a writing competition for schools and colleges. It would make more sense and open up waves for investors to push in fiat into the token. This is just an introductory blog. I would be shedding more lights in this in the coming days.

Let's think of how to power our economies with cryptocurrencies. What's your take on this?

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There is a huge point here, most importantly, now that there is crisis and struggling for survival due to the effect of covid 19. Many industries will definitely have issues after this crisis. Therefore, why not diversify your a bit of your time and investment elsewhere? I think it is a good time for crypto aswell, to spread wings through where they are yet welcome and known.


Solid comment there. Thanks @Benie111

@uyobong blockchain is the huge place to earn and we can huge amount of money through blockchain


Certainly and we can use this huge sums to better our economies.

Well, somehow we must first think, [excuse me if I may sound a bit individualistic], but to promote cryptocurrency economy, we must do it first in a strictly personal way, because of this we can promote it among our relatives and acquaintances.

To then give momentum to more people, it definitely helps me individually financially and I am a promoter in my circle of friends and family making cryptocurrencies known.


You are right. This understanding in the utility of cryptocurrency must start from our immediate influence circle which is family.


Thank you for the curation.

While I feel it sounds like a good idea to power our economy through cryptocurrency, I am still very skeptical about the whole thing.

Remember that so many dark and dirty transfers could be done through the crypto space and with our already corrupt leader, isn't this just going to be a way to swindle more cash.