ZOOM: A Case for Blockchain application in Remote Leadership

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In the past seven years, I’ve been actively involved in youth leadership at the national level in my church. During that time, I’ve also managed my Creativity Hub which incubates several startups coupled with diverse research activities which keep out in the field for most hours of the day. The covid pandemic has changed how things have been and especially my relations with my youth groups as well as my staffers and business associates.

In the past seven years, I've been at the centre of planning for an annual conference that host speakers from beyond the African continent as well as participants numbering over a thousand. The conference usually holds in August and we are yet to draw conclusions whether its scope could be reviewed. As at this date in other years, we would have completed the second of four tiers of action plan for the camping meeting, but we're yet to hold.

I've resolved to start up a virtual planning but how do I cope with a centralized system having appreciated blockchain technology for the past 2 years? Zoom seems to be the best known option as at today with its capacity of hosting up to 100 participants in a live video chat.

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I had long ago given up other video creation platforms since I had started using 3Speak but now I am left in a fix. I know 3Speak was built to tokenize video creation and as well offer Freespeech to video creators. It is time its developers think of incorporate a live multi-user video chat or do we have another active decentralized application offering such service?

It was amazing to know that Zoom was created in 2013 but it seemed nobody was aware of it (I personally was not) until the wake of COVID pandemic which has scaled its usage by over 100 million users across the globe. Times as this can set a pace for the growth of some firms while others go into obscurity.

How Can Blockchain Technology be incorporated in Remote Leadership?

As a manager and director, my job is to keep my team connected. I wish I had simple but decentralized ways to keep everyone engaged. I am also a teacher and I am so missing the feel of communicating with my students. How do I get this done especially as they all know I am big fan of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.

It is time that blockchain developers rise to this challenge. A number of centralized applications have been created to serve as alternative to Zoom and provide specific use cases. However, I a, yet to see a decentralized application. We know how much data live streaming can consume. I am in need of a money-back system where users' rewards are prioritized.

Internet 3.0 is here with a grand goal of tokenizing contents in the internet space. Remote leadership should not be left out. What do you think?

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It is interesting what certain applications do today, in short they do not make life easier, we no longer have to leave our house to talk to someone, just by using our phone we can make a video call, all these applications have become almost indispensable for us and today we are going through this pandemic situation with greater reason.