Slowly But Surely Should Be Your Anthem

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One thing most entrepreneurs or business personally are really missing from is that they always want quick success or quick reward especially when you just start a business, wait not even business alone even when you are learning a skill, you always want to reach that master level in a week. Lack of patient is one thing most of us are really missing. I actually listen to Mark Zuckerberg video and he said Facebook isn't the first thing he built, he built bot, games and lot of things but Facebook made him who he is today, he also mention the woman who wrote the book “Harry Potter” how she was rejected lot of times before she wrote harry potter, slowly but surely, they never relent even thou when their success they show up on time.

I sat down and gave it a thought, I remember how I enter the Forex world, every traders aim is to make profit but he depend on how you want to make it, slowly or quickly. We all want quick method, to make that profit and along the way mistake will happen or what we expect wont come and we will quit. Do you have what is take to wait over and over again till that success show up. Will you keep retrying over and over again even if you keep failing. Doing it over again doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong.

You need to do something which include having a plan.

You need to create a plan for yourself, have a target, in the next 3 years doing this or that what are going t achieve or acquire, then you will start working toward achieving the goal because you already know what you want. You need to know what success really mean to you and determine how to earn it even if things wont work out, you will keep pushing and stay focus always.

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You are very right in what you say, everything needs its time, its time to flourish and also for failures. If we were all successful from start to finish we would never learn how to solve problems, we would never have experience in dealing with failure which is also important. Trying over and over again helps us build our strengths, it can certainly get tiring, I'm sure of that, but the important thing is to keep going with your dreams.


Wow great point. Thanks for reading through

There is a saying that "the rich are quick to get into a business but slow to leave it, the poor are slow to get into a business but quick to leave it"

Many upcoming Entrepreneur, when they admire those already successful Entrepreneur in the world. They only admire their successful part leaving out the part where they wait patiently to succeed

Definitely, with consistency we will be able to achieve what our heart desires it might not be as fast as we want but certainly we will achieve it.

It is a great virtue to learn how to move steadily and consistently without rushing things, for the desire of sudden wealth so many youths have lost their lives.