The Future Of Cryptocurrency: Dapps Everywhere



To me the world of cryptocurency is leading to a world where we will have dapps take over the app space and it will be the norm when it comes to online applications. There is no reason for an application to not have a cryptocurrency in order to reward it's users. It is a tool that any dapp can use as it can be payment for work or a loyalty reward for your time. And when people own coins in a site they are more interested in supporting that site and are more willing to use the site knowing that they, in a way, are part owners of the site. I think it will take time but we will see dapps that are more user friendly and then more and companies will make dapps instead of apps for their products.

The First Step Is User-ability

In order for us to get to this stage the first thing we need to do is make sure that dapps work as well as any traditional app does. The average user should be able to use the dapp as easily they would a regular site and not even know that they are on the blockchain. In order to do this we will need things like e-mail sign-ups where people do not have to worry about their keys in order to make an account. People should be free to get their own wallet and manage their keys if they wish but a lot of users just want to sign into a website and make money for their work. When we get to that point and people start to use dapps regularly then we can really expand to the masses and see dapps that are as popular as other apps are today. But until then there will be that barrier that stops us from reaching the mainstream.

Coins For Everyone

If you are a site that pays content creators than you are much better off with a cryptocurrency than without one. Content creators work hard and they should be paid well for the content that they produce. Ads and subscriptions work to pay people but they only really kick in when the numbers of viewers goes up. This can take a long time for a new user to get anywhere. But with crypto there is a way to pay less popular users earlier so they can bridge themselves to more successful days. And the biggest benefit is that you can run ads and you can have a reward pool. This means we can keep the old models that work and add a new one to really help users make money.


Dapps Will Be Multi-Chain

I also think the future will be multi-chain and a lot of popular dapps will run on several chains and users can choose how to put money in or out of the chain. Whatever is easiest will probably be the majority. There is no need to have people fighting over which chain is better when we can work together to make crypto easy and work for everyone.

i don't know how long this will be but it is a future I think we can obtain if we continue to work hard in the space. The technology for dapps is better and it will be used more and more in the years to come. This will lead to more people into the space and a more robust ecosystem.

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Thank you for sharing your opinion. For any innovation to be widely accepted, it has to be easily useable. Not everyone is technical enough to understand complicated applications. Truth is, most people are not. For dapps to be widely used, I also think they should be easily usable.

I also think when an application is easy to use, people can be more guarded against fraud compared to when it's complicated.
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Our hard work to make cryptocurrencies a global network would surely pay off in no time. There are a lot of measures put in place to ensure that the future of cryptocurrencies is secured especially with the rise in different cryptocurrencies.


Coin for everyone is a great way to grab for crypto future I believe with crypto currency in existence the supply of crypto coin will be available for everyone.

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Cryptocurrency has had its ups and downs over the last few years, let's say Bitcoin which had occupied a fantastic price then slowly fell. Then fresh air was felt again by the assets created by Satoshi Nakamoto in early 2019, prices slowly increased, market sentiment began to improve, even one social media also plans to launch its own crypto asset in the coming year.

Dear friend, first let me remind you that I miss your marvel contests a lot, as for your publication, it is very good, especially what you say about the payment with cryptocurrency to the content creators.