What Changes Does Crypto Bring To My Life: Hope Of A Digital Work Life

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Cryptocurrency has given me a way to work outside of the regular 9-5 job. At anytime I can pick up my laptop and start typing to earn while I wait for other work to take off. This is especially good now with everything that is going on to the world. That is the advantage I see for crypto as it gives people the opportunity to work from anywhere with an internet connection, even on your phone if you don't mind typing slowly, and it can lead to a world where people can make money when they need it or earn some extra cash between jobs.

I want to see the value of coins that you can earn increase to the point where it can be a full-time job and a lot more people can make a living wage by posting on sties like steemit. The problem right now is we have yet to reach that point where th coins pay enough that people can make a living off of their work aloe and unless you have a lot of a coin you need to work outside of crypto to make a good wage. But if we can make it mainstream enough people use the site than maybe the value will be high enough that people around the world can quit their job and work from home.

It might take years but I do think we can get to the point where we are paying people enough to at least make a crypto site their part time job. I think it will take a new ATH for bitcoin before alts move in any big spikes so we will have to wait for that to happen. It could this year or maybe next year but bitcoin seems to be holding strong at 10k so the chance of it going up is improving by the day.

When the value of the coin is there than I can put in serious hours into my laptop and make enough money where I can work my own hours and not have to worry about other jobs that might arise. We are not there yet but I'm getting ready for it.

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I am seriously grateful for crypto as well, this difficult period when we all need that extra source of income like I wrote in my previous post.

When the value of the coin is there than I can put in serious hours into my laptop and make enough money

This is actually one of the special reasons crypto seems to be very different due to it's rise and fall nature. There are times the value will worth more and there are times it will have lesser value. We just have to be optimistic and keep hoping for the best.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead ❤️💓💕❤️❤️💕

Hi @whatageek
I share the same experience friend. definitely to all of us who are in this world of Cryptocurrencies, our lives have changed for the better and it is an income apart from what we have for our usual work.