Why Dapps Matter

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If you have not heard that term before a dapp is a decentralised app. This means that the app is not run from a single source but from multiple ones and people can vote for the changes that the app takes as it changes along the way. It gives more control to the user and can help build a strong community. There is also the advantage that users of the site can see more value for their time when they use or work for the site as they can share in the profits by being paid in crypto. There is a lot of advantages to dapps and although it is still early and we have a long way to go before they are the norm we are starting to get there.

Get Paid For Your Work

When you are using a dapp you can be paid in crypto for the work that you do on the site. This can be from making content or helping a site grow in many different ways. This empowers the user to want to take part in the site and help it be the best it can as they are now a part of the company in a way. Your content can have a lot of value and dapps help you see more of that value. And as the site grows the value of the coins that you get grows and you can really see a good return for the time that you spent using a dapp.

Long Way To Go But Dapps Are Here

There are working dapps today that you can use and earn with today. One example is this site which has been running for years. On steemit you can blog about whatever topic you like and make money for your work. It is a lot easier to make money on a site like this than building up an audience first and if the site grows than you get more for each coin that you made for all the content that you made for the site. There are still a lot of upgrades we need though before we can see dapps become mainstream. They need to be easier to sign up on and use so that people do not notice the difference between a dapp and an app. For a lot of people they only care about user experience and that needs to be there for dapps.

The internet is changing and dapps should be the new way to show value for content creators and the time of users who choose to use your application. There are better community growing opportunities on crypto sites and if you use the tools properly you can make something that can really explode.

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The internet should be a place for adding value to our lives and I like it when I am able to make the best use of opportunities.

Dapps are incredible. Anyone can use them and create them. It is the power of free enterprise unleashed.