Always be on the alert!

Sometimes in our minds we create an idea of how we want to be, of the job we want to have, of the situations that can happen to us, and that is why it is a little difficult to accept the difference between our expectations and what really happens to us, so we can get frustrated and let the opportunities that come our way in life pass us by. We become closed in our ideas and find it difficult to see that in those situations that happen to us unexpectedly, and that seem completely bad, we can find a valuable opportunity.

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Not only from a mistake can we find a learning experience or an opportunity to learn, we must always be alert and not waste any situation, place or person, everything has a value. We must keep an open mind, accept changes, be more flexible and be aware that to reach our goals and dreams we can follow different paths. We must maintain confidence in ourselves, confidence that the decisions we make and the path we choose will lead us to achieve our goals. We must let go of our fears, which sometimes make us say NO instead of YES, and which keep us in our comfort zone, preventing us from stepping out of our comfort zone to achieve what we desire.

If we start to observe better what happens to us, change our thoughts, life will lead us to success, it all depends on the attitude we take towards situations.

Sometimes opportunities can come disguised or hidden, the important thing is to always be alert to discover them and take advantage of them in our lives.

My chance in life disguised as a failure...

A few years ago I had the opportunity to participate in a competition for a permanent teaching position at a university in the region where I live. At that time there were only 4 of us, and I was not the winner. Of course I felt very frustrated at not winning and my first thought was not to go into teaching any more and to retire.

However, those feelings changed after a short time. Again the opportunity arose to apply for the same position, at that time there were 7 vacancies instead of 1 as in the previous one, for the subject I was going to apply for. Of course I prepared myself even more, and I already had the experience from the previous competition.

I won first place and thus became a permanent staff member of the university, which was a great joy.

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However, the greatest opportunity in my life came when I was able to share various courses, talks, meals with a large group of winning professors in different areas of knowledge, with whom I still have a beautiful friendship today, and among them I met the man who is now my husband. Maybe the road was longer but one of my dreams was fulfilled.

I hope you like it!

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Hello friend, a great reflection, I think we should always be persevering and constant people, it is as you say, sometimes good things do not come immediately but fate puts us tests and makes us fill d experiences that will make us stronger in the future. I am very happy for you. Thank you for sharing it. Greetings!!!


Thank you very much friend for commenting! That's right, life tests us every day and we must be very focused on the present to achieve our dreams in the future, because it can also happen that if we don't pass them, they will be repeated until we learn the lesson. Greetings

Greetings @yusvelasquez

As biological beings, from the genetic we have mechanisms to be alert to any situation of threat or danger, now from the social certainly as you describe it is difficult for us to see the risk situations or opportunities, because in fact sometimes the opportunities can come disguised or hidden. Thank you for sharing this pleasant and reflective reading, best regards.


Very nice comment @lupafilotaxia, thanks for reading!