My CubDefi review and expectations


I was one of the early bird of the Cubdefi on Binance Smartchain. Got some cub tokens at $3+ and started farming when the dens were around 70000% APR with some at 50000% APR.

As a steemit user and now Hive user, Leofinance is one of the best and consistent project on the platform. They have been in existence ever since tribes came live and haven't looked back since then. It has been innovation upon innovation and the leo token is one of the most prestigious on Hive chain. They have moved to defi now and the possibilities of what the Leofinance team can do is just limitless. There is project blank still coming and layered farming with lot more hidden goodies.

My Cubdefi review and expectations


Cub rose to $11+ before retreating back to $3.63 presently. This is expected with the airdrop to Leo power stakers and wleo liquidity providers. Many dumped immediately after receiving while some are still holding. So far so good, the price has find a kind of support at the $3 region.

A look at this post by @dalz shows that if everything goes as it is, there will be 10m cub in circulation in the first year. Yeah, there is no presale and Cub utilizes an inflation model with emission rate of

  • Week 1: 3 tokens / block
  • Week 2: 2 tokens / block
  • Week 3: 1 tokens / block
    Note: Week 1 starts on March 8th (launch day) and ends on March 15th. Emissions rate is reduced on the 15th to 2 tokens / block until the following week where it drops to 1 CUB / block.

10million cub tokens after a year will mean a Marketcap of 36million dollars if price remain the same. The question is, Is this feasible?

Goose finance model

Goose finance is a defi project on Binance Smartchain that utilizes something like this and their stats is awesome.

  • Market Cap : $92,564,225

  • Total Minted: 1,021,043

  • Total Burned: 149,898

  • Circulating Supply: 871,145

  • Current price : $106

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $364,537,640.60

When you compare this to Cubdefi, you will realise it's something that is achievable.

Cub stats currently stand at

  • Total CUB Supply: 360,770

  • Market Cap: $1,294,151

  • Total CUB Burned: 22,084

  • Current price : $3.6

  • Total Value Locked (TVL): $7,245,154.38

Cub is still some way off but can definitely reach there especially when marketing sets in. The news is currently being spread by hodlers and other hive users. When the real marketing starts and investors see what they can benefit from there. I believe project blank will serve as the catalyst for cub and the leofinance ecosystem to reach public eye.

An increase in the TVL will surely increase the price. I know the @leofinance team will be looking at enabling a IDO section soon. This will increase the demand for cub and other additional incentives.

The fomo is not here yet. Many are still jumping on bsc tokens that offers *10 in minutes and rug the next hour. A coingecko and coinmarketcap listing will put the news out there about the gem Cub is.

Cub is still in its early stage and I predict a 100m TVL and atleast 15m Marketcap before 2021 runs out. Cubdefi is the new goose finance for anyone that cares to listen. Head over to the cubdefi docs to understand what happens with the 4% deposit fee

I will be purchasing some cub to keep in my Bsc wallet because the future is bright.

What do you think about Cub?

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