SFTfinance and SFTcasino new updates: Email verification, poker, and DOGE deposits


Easter holiday is almost over worldwide and there is no better time to release some news than now.


SFTcasino updates

There are some new updates on SFTcasino that will increase the usage. We are announcing

Video Poker

The community has spoken and we have heard. Video Poker is now available on SFTcasino. You are advised to play responsibly as you explore this new addition.

Email Verification

Both new and existing users will be asked to verify their email before using the platform. This will enable deposits and withdrawal information to be sent to individual email accounts. It is also a form of security during withdrawal as users will need to confirm before withdrawing their tokens.

Doge deposits

Doge deposit.PNG
Users can now deposit Doge coin thanks to our payment partner Coinpayments.net. You can select coinpayments from the deposit options. You only need to copy the address and send the appropriate DOGE there. Your account will be credited with the equivalent credits on confirmation. Don't forget you can still deposit and withdraw SCR, SFT, and SPORTS token.

SFT.finance get a new look

The SFT.finance website has gotten an updated look to reflect the casino platform and some other frontend adjustments.

SFT daily task

SFT has started daily task which will reward participants with $30 worth of BNB or otherwise stated. The first one is on and it look to increase the number of holders to 350. The daily task can be followed on twitter or the official telegram group

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