The New Dawn: Sportstalksocial lands on SftCasino


logo.jpg is a casino platform that uses the SFT token on its platform. The SFT is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain that returns 6.2% of every trade to holders and 3.8% is burnt. The is one out of the many plans in the roadmap.

Read more about SFT tokenomics here is happy to announce to Sportstalksocial users that you can now use SPORTS to play the games on You can deposit Sports and also withdraw SPORTS.

Depositing SPORTS

  • Create an account on SFTCASINO and note your username
  • Send atleast 1000 SPORTS to zoneboy with your sftcasino username as memo

Sports create.PNG

Login to your sftcasino account and click on deposit >> deposit again.

Choose SPORTS from the deposit method and input the amount transferred to zoneboy. (Minimum Deposit is 1000 SPORTS)

sports deposit.PNG

Click Proceed and your deposit will be credited within minutes.

Sport Deposit complete.PNG

You can see the confirmed deposit which will be visible in your account.

Withdrawing SPORTS

  • Click on withdrawals >>> Withdraw

Sport withdrawal.PNG

  • Select the withdrawal method SPORTS.

  • Input your SPORTS username and click proceed (Minimum Withdrawal is 1000 SPORTS)

Sport withdrawal processed.PNG

Sport Withdrawal complete.PNG

The withdrawal will be created and you will receive it in your Sportstalksocial account in minutes.

Learn how to use SFT on SFTCASINO by checking the Medium announcement post

Future Plans

  • Fix any bugs on the casino platform
  • There are plans to launch deposits of other tokens on sftcasino which they will use in the platform. There will be withdrawal charges of 2% which will be used to buyback SFT in the market.
  • More games such as Keno, Lucky wheel, Bacarat, Dice, 75 Bingo, BlackJack, Poker, Horse Racing
  • Hop into the Sport Finance Token Telegram channel for any issues encountered.

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