Officially Introducing The Portrait Photography Community!


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I would like to officially invite everyone reading this, who enjoy Portrait Photography to join the community I created!

This community's update has been way overdue for a long long time, so i'm glad to actually see it happen!!

The only rule here is only post original work as a photographer or model!! You will be down voted and muted from the community if this rule isn't followed!

Also, this will be the home of the #portraitcontest from here on out!

If you would like a role in the community please contact me here or on discord!

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  ·  작년

Woop woop! Congrats.


Thanks man! I hope to see lots activity here!

Is this Portrait Photography Community 4 humans only or does it include animal portraits?


I'd like to keep it to people specifically for now ;)

Nice. :)

You'll see my work in this area once I figure out tagging, cross posting and all that fun stuff.