Getting EXHAUSTED In Support of HIVE

4개월 전

This is a very brief post to inform the followers and users of this very humble project, that we will be striving to actively support the new HIVE blockchain.

If you're unaware of what I'm talking about, please read the announcement post here. This is an exciting opportunity for those that are interested in getting closer to true decentralization, and I think it has plenty of potential.

For those that may be concerned -- we will strongly consider supporting both the STEEM and HIVE blockchains, but with obvious preference to HIVE -- as it feels like STEEM maybe be tainted beyond repair.

That said, as a learning opportunity, and in case of additional forks and splits, it may be prudent to build in support for posting to multiple chains. We'll see how it goes.

On a related note -- the name "EXHAUST" was originally a bit of wordplay on STEAM / VAPOUR / being tired.... In the spirit of a new chain, maybe it's worthwhile exploring other interesting names that play well with HIVE.

Suggest some alternative project names in the comments below, and receive a big, juicy, soon to be potentially-worthless STEEM upvote.

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In my opinion "exhaust" is just amazing, please don't change it
Hive on mate!

I think the name could stay the same as it relates well to exercise. I can see Steem and Steemit dying off. No doubt some who operate outside the community will try to keep it going, but without real engagement or will be a desert.

All hail Hive!


Yeah it's unfortunate -- especially for those that have disappeared and forgotten about STEEM... Hopefully this HIVE project is as successful as everyone wants it to be.

Thanks for the feedback!

Keep the name, it says to me your tired and can't run anymore. I never equated it to be related to STEEM. It's known and has a following.. better to keep it.


That's definitely the kind of vibe I was going with, with the name. Thanks for the feedback!

I also think that's worth to keep the name 'exhaust' :) frankly I never linked it to steem


Thanks for the feedback!

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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...and enjoy a good recovery !BEER .

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Keep on running!