A visit to super store of near city.



Friends, how are you, I hope you all will be well, today I had a visit at the superstore where I went to take my life needs.


In our area, there are almost all the things which we used are available in superstore, where from toothbrush to cooking oil, sugar and the car necklace which is used in our homes.


Price of common things has increased in our Pakistan. Small things have increased their prices. Probably the effect of coronavirus in the whole world is due to which the condition of almost every country has significantly weakened.


If we want to buy anything for us, then we get it in good condition because here it is often the fresh things are available and often people buy their essential life from here because the trend of people here also increases because all the basic needs are available here easily.





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Great post and the shop is good enough and you are working hard. Your photography is also very good. I hope you will continue to work hard.


Yes, it will in the future.

asslam o alikum steem future member @azamrai your photography show your all day activity with steemit future community


You absolutely right

Nice post thanks for sharing with us good information and nice pictures I read your post deeply and I feel you are good person


Thanks for.your appreciation and encouragement.

Hello friend! Your post about a visit to super store is very nice and informative. I like your photography very much. Keep it up.

Sir superstore is a very good store, where we will get what we want for life We get all the things from one roof


It is great facility for all of us.


Exactly sir

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