The simple way to avoid coronavirus in our area.

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Coronavirus has spread dangerously all over the world, but now its third wave in Pakistan is very dead. Today I have heard from many friends that they live in Lahore and there has been a lot of increase in it.


Friends, our area is one where people are mostly uneducated, but we have a lot of illness, so I want to give you the same advice that all of you wash your hands with soap every 2 hours with soap for minimum 20 seconds.


By doing this, we can execute our daily enthusiasts and can also avoid illness, make sure to use masks as necessary and while taking care, keep in mind that avoid air drops from one to the other which come out from the mouth or nose.


We should also ask our children to wash their hands and wear masks so that we can protect our children from this dangerous disease too.


Friends, do not consider this disease a joke, and with this you keep your friends and your family's members safe from this fatal disease.



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You are absolutely right brother soap is the best option to avoid covid 19
Good job hard work keep it up


It is sure.

Sir, you have pointed to a very good issue, to avoid the corona Virus We hope that you will continue to share such information with us.


Sure I will.


Thanks again

Sir, you have also led us very much, how can you avoid Krona, thank you very much

God willing, you have done a great job. Your post is very good and your photos are very good